Kangara boosts Tocky, Madam Boss video

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Kangara boosts Tocky, Madam Boss video Madam Boss, Darlington Kangara and Tocky Vibes


Praise Masvosva, Entertainment Reporter

Young entrepreneur Darlington Kangara has chipped in to sponsor a video by dancehall chanter Tocky Vibes featuring Madam Boss.

The 25- year old Bindura based businessman chipped in to help in the video version of the song Vanongonditaura.

Its off Tocky’s latest album Long Live Chama, which was released on November 29.


Tocky expressed his joy over the sponsorship from Kangara Gold Buyers, which is a subsidiary company of Kangara Global Investments.

Darlington Kangara

“We are still building the relationship and Darlington has sponsored my video.


“I am grateful of what he has done and I am looking forward to work with him.


“I am humbled by the gesture he has made and it gives me the zeal to continue working hard.


“With help like this I will be able to showcase my talent and reach out to many,” he said.


The video is expected to hit the market on the New Year’s Day.


“The video will be out on January 1 and I want to thank Kangara Family as well as Madam Boss who featured on the song.


“I am starting the year on a high note and I am promising to set level,” said Tocky.


Similar sentiments were echoed by Darlington.


“Tocky is one of the talented chanters in Zimbabwe and his lyrics says it all.


“His messages touch all generations (young, middle and old people) and the songs are timeless.


“I am pledging to support him so that he can showcase his talent and also market our culture, music and even Zim dancehall genre.


“Tocky and Madam Boss’s combination show how versatile they are,” he said.


He added:


“This year everyone was affected by Covid-19 and so I am stretching my hand to help artistes so that they can be at a place where they should be.


“Musicians communicate through songs so we are giving them a platform to showcase their talent.


“Music shapes the society, so if I support music like this it will be another way of correcting and also shape the society.”


It’s not the first time for Darlington to support musicians, he was the highest bidder at Mhere album launch, Kudzi Nyakudya and he is also financially supporting Bindura based gospel musician Lasper.

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