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TOP Kyokushin Karateka, Phumulani Maphosa, became a believer in miracles after surviving a horrific head-on accident, which claimed the life of his brother-in-law.

The accident occurred three years ago.

The tragedy left Maphosa critically injured and he was hospitalised for nearly five months.

He was left with a broken upper quarter of his thigh-bone, near the hip joint.

And, for someone who had earned his stripes through karate, this appeared to signal the end of his career as he spent nearly two years on the sidelines, after being discharged, walking with the help of crutches.

Karate guru, Samson Muripo, stood by Maphosa during his darkest hour as he eased the burden of medical bills.

“I have always believed in God, when I survived that accident, which killed my brother-in-law, it took my faith to another level.

“Everyone who saw the condition of our car was surprised to see me breathing and they were all convinced that I was never going to walk again.

“It’s something which I’m not proud to talk about because seeing my brother-in-law dying in that way has brought unending pain in my life.

“It left me traumatised,” said Maphosa.

He hailed the Kyokushin family for providing the needed cover during his hour of need.

“For some time, I thought my career and everything I had worked for was gone, my relatives kept comforting me but I didn’t have any trust with the recovery process.

“The Kyokushin family helped me in many ways, especially Muripo, he stood by me and I’m very grateful to everyone who helped me to regain my fitness.

“I have started training again and I’m very pleased with my progress. Everyone is eager to see me performing and I have been invited to different tournaments but I’m going to take my time,” he said.

Maphosa has travelled and won gold for Zimbabwe in many Asian and African countries.

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