Kasukuwere acquitted

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Kasukuwere acquitted


14 June 2018

Former minister Savior Kasukuwere who was facing charges of border jumping has been acquitted.

Kasukuwere left court a happy man after Harare magistrate Josephine Sande acquitted him for going against the Immigration Act.

Magistrate Sande in her judgment alluded to the fact that it was common cause that he was targeted in the Operation Restore Legacy.

“The State and defence counsels were in agreement that when the announcement was made that an operation of criminals surrounding former President Mugabe was underway, Kasukuwere’s residence was attacked and he was convinced that he was one of the targeted people so it was a noble thing to run for his dear life.

“Contrary to what the allegations by the State, the attack was not only inside his house because the transformer, gate and electric cables were damaged during attack hence the court took judicial notice that on this day, operation restore legacy took place and as such I will not back claims by the State that there was public order,” said Sande.

She also went on to castigate the State led by Fransisca Mukumbiri for giving “lame submissions” to the court when she suggested that it may have been a robbery considering that electric cables were tempered with on the day in question.

Sande ruled that indeed Kasukuwere’s life was in danger and this was witnessed by the state of his home during inspection in loco.

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