Katsande back in court

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Katsande back in court Tsitsi Kavhukatema


10 January 2019


Tsitsi Kavhukatema

Kelly Tafi

THE trial for gospel singer Tinotenda Katsande, who is accused of stealing a song Handina Mweya Unotongwa, continued yesterday.

Katsande denied stealing the song from anyone saying it is a chorus which is popular at his church.

He also asked the complainant, Tsitsi Kavhukatema, why she did not sue the apostolic group which sang the song before him.

Katsande defended himself saying that Kavhukatema is jealous since he gained popularity with the song adding that it was no longer the issue of the track.

“Why is it you didn’t sue the apostolic group who sang that song before me.

“I am now confused, did you sue me because of the song or you are now jealous that I became popular with the song. Ratove godo iri.

“If we go on youtube many people are singing that song, why me?

“I think these ZIMURA guys were paid so that they can take this thing too far otherwise many people are singing that song without her permission,” he said.

Katsande told magistrate Learnmore Mapiye that he asked for forgiveness and they said it was fine.

He also he asked to see the evidence that shows that Kavhukatema was the one who wrote the song.

“You told me that the song belongs to someone and I asked for forgiveness and you said it was alright.

“Do you have the evidence that she was the one who wrote the song because I first heard this song in 2008 in Mutoko.

“Handione pane chakaipa mukurumbidza Mwari ini, zvakare ivo nziyo dzavanoimba kuchurch kwavo ndivo vanodzinyora here?” he added.

A member from ZIMURA, who is a witness in the case, responded to the questions insisting that Katsande stole the song.

“We tried to talk to you but you didn’t cooperate, we could have solved this matter at office level.

“She suggested you stop doing shows, upload on youtube and to sell the disc but you went on to do more damage.

“Kavhukatema requested that you do collaboration but you refused.

“The offence is the song is not yours and it will never be yours because someone already registered the song at our office.

“She registered the song in 2012 as the composer but started to sing that song in her church in 2009,” he said.

The case was postponed to January 18.



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