Kevin happy with return

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Kevin happy with return Kevin Moyo


Blessing Malinganiza , Sports Reporter
Kevin Moyo is happy that the group training and games will resume and is keen to be back on the pitch after almost three months of not playing.
The Zimbabwean international had been doing individual training because of Covid-19 restrictions.
“Basically I’m feeling so great, it’s good to be back at something I love to do because it’s been long without even doing anything.
“And l can’t wait for training because I was missing football.
“ We’ve been doing some individual trainings all along and they are different in terms of intensity and oneness.
“Actually football is a team sport so if you train alone sometimes you feel like you not doing enough because in training you will be doing different combinations and trying new things and it’s actually more fun and helpful.
“So the difference is there but we had to do what we had to do because we wanted everyone to be safe so the precautionary measures had to be taken,”he said.
The Chippa defender says the football suspension hasn’t affected his targets for he believes that he can still meet them.
“Yeah in life we all have targets and I had many targets I wanted to reach but this situation was God’s plan.
“So even if something was going to happen or promotions on me before.
“If God just say yes no one can say no, so I believe that I can still reach my targets. I’m hopeful though, “he said.
Moyo says life without football has not been easy but reckons the time he spent home on lockdown gave him time to reflect on his life.
“Well for me as a foreigner, I’m here because of football so as an athlete I wasn’t used to staying like this so it has been hard for me.
“But sometimes I will just say thanks to Covid-19 for teaching me many things in life, now I really know what kind of a person I am.
“And I’m happy and looking forward to the resumption of the season and to playing more games,” he said.

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