Khanye teaching swimming, water safety

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Khanye teaching swimming, water safety


Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter

Swimming coach Alywin Khanye believes teaching children personal survival skills is the most important investment the community can make to reduce drowning.

Khanye, the founder of Alywin Swimming Academy based at Borrowdale Racecourse in Harare said the water can be extremely dangerous for children especially if left unattended.

The Academy grooms children from the age of three.


“Swimming is an important part of a child’s early years learning and development both physically and mentally,” Khanye told H-Metro.


“Swimming is about developing confidence and competence in the water so that children are able to enjoy swimming at both a leisurely and competitive level, whilst ensuring they also understand the health and wellbeing benefits of swimming.


“The first thing that gave me this passion to train the kids and everyone who wants to learn is there have been natural disasters like the Cyclone Idai and people were losing lives. So I try to give these guys a drown free program where I will be teaching from the age of three to an adult age on how to survive in situations like these.”


Khanye however highlighted that there have been a number of challenges he faced ranging from the lack of facilities amongst many other things.


He then engaged the parents who later made arrangements for a safer facility, (Borrowdale racecourse)


“The environment here is very safe and secure.  Parents love it and one can bring their kids at their schedule.”


Khanye is now impressed with the progress his academy is making after two of his athletes secured scholarships to the United Kingdom.


On Sunday the academy held its last training session and invited parents.


One parent, Itai Dziva hailed Khanye for his efforts in grooming her four children.


“Nowadays, it’s no longer about education alone, some are excelling even in sport, so this gives a child a great opportunity to weigh in and see what they can be good at.


“This therefore requires the support from parents to help their children achieve their dreams.


“We have the minister of Sport who is a swimming champion. I thank coach Alywin for what he is doing in nurturing these young talents.


“I hope that one day my children will represent the nation,” she said.


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