KILLER T NO-SHOW TRIGGERS CHAOS. . . bouncers injured in skirmishes

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KILLER T NO-SHOW TRIGGERS CHAOS. . . bouncers injured in skirmishes STABBED... one of the injured bouncers


Latwell Nyangu
VIOLENCE rocked the venue where Killer T was expected to perform in Botswana on Saturday.

He failed to show up for the event.

Ironically, Killer T had done an endorsement video and alerted his fans he would be in Botswana, on April 2 to perform at Big Five lodge .

Musi wa 2 April muBotswana hazvipere mushe.”

And, it did not end well.

His no-show triggered violence, resulting in bouncers being stabbed while the venue was damaged during the rampage.

According to sources from Botswana, Killer T is accused of allegedly claiming he was on his way to the show, giving hope to his fans, who had filled up the venue.

One of the show coordinators, Boss Lazzy, revealed they were disappointed by the ugly turn of events.

“We engaged Killer T for the show, he was supposed to arrive here on Friday. He didn’t make it and promised to come on Saturday, after saying he missed his flight.

“We gave him US$2000 after he had said haadi zvemahalf.

“Fans then heard that he had not come and violence erupted resulting in bouncers being stabbed,” he said.

Added Boss Lazzy: “The fans paid cash 150P and 300P VIP. What he did was unprofessional.

“Our name has been soiled here. We paid him in full,” he said.

DJ Prosper Taks, who was performing at the show, confirmed the incident.

“Killer T akatikuvadzisa, things were damaged and fans were injured, bottles thrown.

“Bouncers escaped from the venue with stab wounds.

“I ran away from the scene after removing my instruments, some speakers were taken, lights were destroyed.

“I don’t think Zimbos will do a show again here because the venue owners are not happy,” he said.

DJ Prosper said Killer T should just have honoured his promise.

“Fans were waiting for him but he did not come and we played other songs until 2 am.

“People then realised he was not coming, we tried playing his songs but Killer T haana kubatika.

“People are admitted in hospital right now, venue yakaita marara.

Anga azadza but he disappointed. I had to play his songs kuti vanhu vadzikame until 2am tatoona kuti amahwani ayo, ndopandakazotiza vakukwira pastage,” he said.

Another source said: “Killer T was called on Friday and he promised that he was coming. Then an agent called that Killer T was checking in, in SA, and later on stories began to come out.

“He was paid cash and he has not been picking up calls. Why would he do that, we advertised this show for a month.

“People were prepared for this show, if you are not able to come, just say you are not able to come.

“We are embarrassed,” he said.

Supporting musician, Zolasko Vatsay, expressed his disappointed on a post:

“And Killer T decided not to show up at the event.

“He switched off his phones, please tell him kuti vanhu vafa, vanga vakuvara because of his absence.

“At least, you could have told mafans ako kuti you are not coming.

“Anyway good luck bro,” he wrote.

Efforts to get in touch with Killer T camp were fruitless as his mobile phones were not reachable.

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