Killer T’s mixed bag

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Killer T’s mixed bag Killer T


Rest Mutore, Entertainment Reporter

Killer T has proved how effortlessly a real artist can cater for different music lovers with one project.

His latest release – Inzwai Kuchamwo Mambo – which carries 17 tracks can be best described as a mixed bag.


The album carries songs that can be classified into different genres, a tactic which will likely help him win hearts of many.


Killer T admits it is difficult to categorise the new album under Zimdancehall but rather dubbed it gango.


Gango is a popular relish where different types of meat are cooked in the same pot and served as stew.


“This is a balanced package, it’s the one usually call gango, bhero it caters for different fans,” said Killer T in an interview.


The chanter said the album is inspired by people’s day to day lives and described himself as a just a musician and not a Zimdancehall artiste.


He was responding to the versatility he exhibited in this new album which is already making rave reviews.


“I am just musician, obviously Zimdancehall was easy for us to be recognised because it is cheap to breakthrough. But truly speaking, Killer T is just a musician, I don’t have a genre. I am just an entertainer and I sing entertain my fans,” he said.


The Takangodaro hit-maker was clear on intention, engaging eight producers for the album.


“We were very clear from the start, that is why we engaged different producers. Music lovers have different feel and that is the reason we had to work with eight producers.


“There are love songs, gospel songs and social commentary,” said Killer T’s manager Kudzai ‘Supa’ Biston.


Some of the songs making instant impact include the title track, Hakete, Hosana, Mupe Mari, Tsiurikawo and Ndichazofarawo which are already being used as sound tracks on TikTok.


“It’s only two days after the release of the album and the response is overwhelming. We are happy about that and we will keep engaging with our fans.”


Songs that complete the album are Usipo, Ukandiudza, Hurombwa, Character, Zvekunditaura, Hatisisina, Hukama, Ndanyarara, Zvandinofunga, Ticharipinda Denga and Varikufara ft T Gonzi.

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