Killer T’s story on BBC 1 Extra

10 May, 2017 - 15:05 0 Views
Killer T’s story on BBC 1 Extra Killer T


10 May 2017

Killer T

Dancehall sensation, Killer T, got an opportunity to tell the story of his musical journey when he featured on top radio station BBC 1 Xtra.

Dubbed “Destination Africa”, the show is presented by DJ Edu every Sunday night and last weekend, Killer T told his musical journey.

“I started music long time ago but I had my break through song in 2010 called Makarova gunners.

“I have been doing music for eight years now and the ghetto people inspired me to do music, I tell the ghetto story.

“In 2015 I released my first album, Ngoma ndaimba which was an album that was appreciated by the elderly who were not so much in this genre (Zim dancehall).”

He also mentioned fellow artistes like Blot, Chigogodera, Silent Killer and Ras Caleb as some of the future of Zim dancehall.

During the show, DJ Edu also sampled some of Killer T’s tracks- Vanondibatirana with Fungisai and Tavakuda kumbofarawo.

In another interview with UK based promoter, King Alfred, who organised the interview, he said:

“Our mission is to uplift our home grown talent on a bigger scale that’s why we saw it necessary for Killer T to feature on this show.

“Killer T is surely not the last to be on this show, we will continue to bring more artistes that doing well so that so that they showcase and market their brand on the show.”

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