King 98 album promotion underway

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King 98 album promotion underway King 98 and his father


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

South Africa based rapper King 98, who recently touched hearts of many with his philanthropic work, has locals at heart.

After the charity work that saw the 22-year-old bailing out fellow artistes comprising Progress Chipfumo, Sam Mataure, Gift “Shiga Shiga” katulika and Patrick Mkwamba along with the orphans and elderly in the capital and Chivhu stranded on lockdown, the rapper now wants more interaction with fans.

King 98 with beneficiaries

As such, King 98 is running a seven-day long promotion dubbed “Francesca Album Promotion” coined after his debut album named after his mother.

In the promotion which began on Tuesday, fans stand a chance to win three grand prizes.

King 98

The first prize comprise $10000 in addition to meeting King 98’s executive team while the second slot comes with $5000 prize money with the third winner pocketing $3000.

All the questions will be around King 98’s debut album Francesca, which was launched last year in the capital.

In an interview, King 98’s manager DJ Simmz said the response was overwhelming.

“We have just began the promotion. We haven’t engaged in robust marketing as yet.

“However in the beginning of the promotional journey we have acquired 20 registrations so far.

“The promotion is for seven days so by the end of seven days, we look forward to at least 100+ entries provided that we also increase our robust marketing method,” he said.

The affable manager and said the promotion was also meant to bring King 98 closer to fans.

He also took the opportunity to enlighten fans on the promotion.

“Before the upcoming hits, the hits that are yet to come, we saw it crucial for King 98’s own native people to familiarise with his music.

“His debut album (Francesca) is loaded with meaning and good songs but its penetration in the local market was still low.

“Each contestant creates one act which will automatically translate into four videos since the same act will be posted in vibrant social media hosts such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“This will increase our search engine optimisation on the pages and probably give us leverage in the social media arena

“We long to create a social media buzz, grow the King 98 online community and increase his presence,” he said.

He added:

“King 98 released a song titled Francesca (Mama) which is the thematic song of Album Francesca.

“This song relates to the African community more thus it gives us a leverage in which King 98’s music can penetrate even the older generation and corporate gurus.

“This will make his music significant in the corporate sector and in the older generation camp.

“This prepares a soft ground for us in any release that will come.

“We are also engaging various influencers for the quest to penetrate the market.”


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