King 98 leaves Chivhu in tears

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King 98 leaves Chivhu in tears King 98 with some of the beneficiaries


… Feeds vulnerable groups during lockdown

Takawira Photovet Dapi

SOUTH Africa based rapper King 98 has poor people at heart.

The 22-year-old believes in sharing and giving hope to the distressed.

He recently proved that when he left Chivhu villagers in tears of joy after handing over groceries to the vulnerable.

Prior to that, he had donated groceries  and cash to  fellow musicians Gift “Shiga Shiga” Katulika and wife Sandra, Progress Chipfumo, ailing drummer Sam Mataure and two elderly people identified on Tilder Moyo Show on Star FM.

But it was in Chivhu where he left a mark as he was donating to his ‘kith and keen’ who are doing on Covid-19 induced lockdown.

Chivhu is King 98’s rural home and he has fond memories of the area.


In Chivhu, he donated to three villages where they described him as God-sent since most villagers were struggling to make ends meet.

Gogo Maburutse

He made his first stopover at Alfred Dondo Foundation which caters for less privileged people.

King 98 and his entourage were welcome by widow to the late Alfred Dondo as they handed over groceries.

Afterwards, he went on to donate to the elderly and one of them, Wisper Maburutse, 51, could not hide her elation.

She thanked the rapper for being kind-hearted  and prayed that he be blessed with many years to come.

“This King is very young but he has remembered us in a unique way; it shows that charity begins at home.

“It’s obvious his parents taught him to give and to know that there are his father’s relatives back here in Chivhu.

“So let’s teach our children what they must guard jealously, especially their roots.

“Alfred Dondo Foundation members feed us, pay for our big medical bills, dress us and every child is going to school here because of the Dondo family.

“We are no longer suffering here in Chivhu because of this family’s foundation.

“Some charity organisations do not visit us door to door but the Dondo family visit us family by family, even at hospitals, they follow us,” said Maburutse.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Memory Dondo, widow to the late Alfred Dondo.

She praised Gogo Maburutse, King 98, his father Baba Thompson Dondo of Impala  Car Rentals and the whole family behind the Alfred Dondo Foundation.

“Thank you very Mbuya Maburutse, this is pure love, thanks so much our son Ngoni (King 98) Dondo for shouldering on the love that my husband, baba mukuru vako used to show case.

“Today, you personally financed all these donations that were traditionally footed by the Alfred Dondo Foundation.

“It shows love is being passed to new generations, keep it up as you have started this as a young soul, you are a pacesetter to all generations to come,” said Memory.

The widow described the  late Dondo as a loving person.

“Mr (Alfred) Dondo (her late husband) was a very loving person, very kind, he loved people around him.

“When  you do good to others, they will not forget about you, so Mr Dondo decided to honor his late brother’s name and clan’s legacy for life by creating this Alfred Dondo Foundation.

“I felt consoled after witnessing their love for their departed brother by declaring an Alfred Dondo Foundation that is benefitting many vulnerable souls in Chivhu,” she said.

She was also touched by some people being kept at the foundation.

“Look at this very young family, this mother is completely blind, her girlchild is blind too, her daughter and her last born are losing sight but as Alfred Dondo Foundation, we moved around doing door to door home visits.

“We were informed that there was a full Matsamba family that is totally blind, imagine from the husband, the mother, that younger sister Pamela Matsamba 11 years old now.

“She is at Hugo School of the Blind Boarding School; we pay for everything from her $3000 fees, uniform, her stationary and groceries, which are all paid by the Alfred Dondo Foundation, plus her other sister, Precious Matsamba is in Form 3 at Madziyire Secondary School.

“For both parents, we always bring their food hampers, clothes, blankets and all they need as a full family,” she said.

On what the Impala Car Rental boss Thompson Dondo has done for her upkeep, she said:

“I was left as a widow with three girls, my first born was in Form Four and he paid for her entire schooling up to very expensive universities in South Africa, today she is a degreed pharmacist girl and working now.

“In my case, I am busy with this foundation.”

Memory urged the Impala Car Rental boss to maintain his heart.

“From the bottom of my heart, whenever I see Mr Dondo, who is my husband’s younger brother, I truly visualise God, a true hand of God, a physical messenger of God because munhu ane moyo, he has mercy, just imagine after spending so much money paying for my first born down there in South Africa, again, today he is still paying for my second born girl who is at Rhodes University down there in South Africa.

“May God bless this family and make all their dreams come true,” she said.

On the day she will never ever forget with her late husband, she said:

“I remember after coming back here in our rural home, he was a slave to giving out things to all village families, vayigara vachinditaurira kuti izvoni, Mai Stembi, life yedu vanhu vatema I life yeku batsirana,  ndo insurance yedu vanhu vatema, tino fanirwa kubetserana, hanzi  chirere chigoku rerawo.

“Vaigaroti usa tarisire kuti, zvawaitira mumwe munhu, nyangwe, akasaku yitira chimwe chinhu, usa tarisire izvozvo, iwe iva nemoyo wekungoda vamwe vanhu, zvekungo yitira vamwe vanhu.”

Not to be outdone was Mahusvu Secondary School Child Councillor and beneficiary Fadzai Zimhuka,16, who hailed the foundation for changing people’s lives

“”Thank you Mr Thompson Dondo and your family for buying us, uniforms, text books  and exercise books, all school fees and expenses plus our sanitary wares in addition to costs and food hampers that we get throughout the year,” said Zimhuka.

Man of the day, King 98 didn’t was to speak much.

Despite international collaborations with successful artistes like Davido, Nasty C, Laylizz, Alomar and Zlatan he was very reserved.

“Today I am busy sharing basic life needs with my fellows,” he said.

His manager Simbarashe “Simmz” Chagweda  described King 98 as a hard-working person.

“I have known King 98 for a long time, so now we are like brothers, King 98 is a good person socially.

“We can have fights on doing th right things but we always agree on the things to be done.

“It is now a brotherly family affair at the same time he is my boss.

“I greatly appreciate the support we get from his mother and father ,I say to them thank you so much for having your support in us.

“We have agreed on doing this initiative because King 98 always wants to give back the money we had from our previous shows that we did last year, 2019, which we had saved for our future video,” he said.

So King 98 told me that, ‘Simmz, the money we have, let’s donate it to all those who are facing hard times through this COVID-19 pandemic.


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