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KING 98 MISSES DAD   King 98 with late father


…drops tribute EP today

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

RAPPER King 98 says he is now mentally to keep his musical flame burning.

Today, the 22-year-old drops his first EP titled Long Live, seven months after the death of his father, mentor and benefactor, Thompson Dondo.


The former Impala Car Rental chief succumbed to kidney failure on January 2.


He was 48.

Thompson Dondo

It should be mentioned that the departed tycoon was the major driving force behind King 98’s career to make giants strides in his quest to conquer the continent.


However, there were genuine fears the youngster might be affected if he lacked moral support he used to get from his departed dad.

Yesterday, the rapper told H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle he would remain focused.


“Mentally I’m ready, I’m geared up,” said the phenomenal rapper who is set to release his new EP today online.


King 98 said he would stick to his goals but remains guided by his handlers.


“Before my (late) dad helped me on my career, I have always been recording by myself, so I feel like I am ready.


“I was raised by a winner, winning is in my DNA, winning is in my blood, I’m ready, more than ready and focused,” he said.


Despite the youngster’s determination to conquer, he conceded that the death of his father robbed him of a great motivator.


“I always knew he was sick, he was diabetic; it’s something that I have always put in my mind that that one day he won’t there and I just feel like he gave me the highest exposure.


“As a person, he is my role model, I have to accept that quickly accept it.


“I have just to get on my feet because obviously from wherever he is, he is watching me because that is what he has always wanted me to do,” he said.


King 98 who has been assisting fellow musicians along with his late father on Covid-19 lockdown was grateful for the support he has been getting since January 2.


“The support I have been receiving has been overwhelming, especially from Zimbabwe and the other artistes that I have worked with such as Davido, Jah Prayzah, Diamond Platnumz, they have shown me kind love.”


Enlightening fans about his new EP,  King 98 added:


“On the EP, I obviously have collaborations with guys from Tanzania and Jah Prayzah.


“With Jah Prayzah that song is called Mama Mia, it’s a reggae song we did in March this year; he is someone like a big brother, he has always been willing to support.”


With a lot expected from him after the bar was set sky high by his father, King 98 could not pre-empt some of his plans.


“Currently, we don’t have any plans, we are taking things bit by bit.


“I just wanna thank my whole family, especially my mum for showing a lot of strength,” he said.


King 98 who was not spared by the effects of Covid-19, urged fellow musicians to remain optimistic.


“To my fellow musicians out there, I know it’s a tough time, I just feel like we need new things to motivate ourselves, we should have a hustler’s mindset,” he said.


Prior to the death of his father, King 98 had made great strides in forging alliance with other continental musical giants.


His latest EP, Long Live, marks his return to showbiz as the rapper has been doing well over the years.


It took him five months working on the project with the help of his Tanzanian friends, locals and of course the family.


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