King 98 talks progress, synergies

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King 98 talks progress, synergies


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

…challenged by Nasty C upbringing

…rapper hails Davido’s help

KING 98 says South African trap music sensation Nasty C’s upbringing has taught him to embrace challenges and work hard.

The 21-year-old saluted his good South African buddy ahead of their “Ivyson Tour” which is set to endear him with fans across the Limpopo.

The tour, which is set take them to more than five South African provinces before year-end, is being held in memory of Nasty C’s late mother.

Nasty C’s late mother – Ivy Veliswa – died in a car accident when he was only 11 months old and he was raised by his father and grandmother.

Despite missing the mother’s love, Nasty C still remembers his mother whenever he takes to the stage.

And this time around, he roped in the young Zimbabwe rapper of the moment – King 98 – as he remembers the life of his mother who could not see him stage.

Nasty C and King 98 are set to perform in Cape Town on September 20, Durban (September 28), Johannesburg (October 4), Bloemfontein (October 11), Vaal (October 12) with the Harare leg slated for Pabloz on December 21.

Speaking ahead of the tour, King 98 who has just returned from a successful Nigerian tour where he unveiled his beautiful video Pull Up featuring Zlatan, was relishing the Ivyson Tour.


King 98 could not hide his elation, as he feels indebted to the South African rapper ahead of the ongoing tour.

“I’m very, it’s my chance to meet my fans in South Africa and Africa as a whole,” he said.

Asked what he has learnt from Nasty C whose upbringing was challenging, he said:

“Everything he does on stage he always remembers his mother, he always dedicates everything to his mother.

“Nasty C has been a real good brother to me, I have been played on Trace Urban, Trace Africa, MTV Base and Channel, Sun City and Nigerian television stations because of the help he gave me.”


King 98, who is not new in the West Africa country, said says he was humbled by the love he get each time he visits there.

“Nigeria is like home; the artistes, the people they really music – there is no hatred, xenophobia, as they take you as a brother,” he said.


As he makes strides to win hearts of West Africans, King 98 credits Davido for helping him penetrate the market.

“There no artiste who has helped me so much than Davido’he is the one who linked me with Zlatan

“We linked up through Davido; he was like I want you to meet one of best artistes in Nigeria.

“I then flew to Nigeria where we recorded a song and the video.

“Davido has been supportive to me and I’m sure I will link up with him;  he has moved to the States and I hope to link up with him next year.”

  • KING 98’S WISH

While the rapper has conquered other parts of Africa and the world, he still has local fans at heart.

“I want people (locals) to know me on a personal level because many people they just know me as that guy who wears a chain coming from a rich family.

“I’m not cocky, I have been to different universities, I have been to pubs giving fans my merchandise,” said the rapper who is yet to win hearts of locals despite him being a household name beyond our borders.


While King 98 is well provided for, he also faces some challenges in his life.

“People have to accept who I am, they just say his dad is very rich but that does not really stop me.

“I can’t focus on the local market now but the world, I have been to Nigeria, Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa and the world is waiting.”


Despite being talented and yet reserved, King 98 says he still has plenty of work to do.

“One thing about music is talent is not enough; there is need to work really, really hard.

“You should be really humble, willing to learn and willing to make mistakes,” he said.


As the year comes to an end, King 98 still has something for his fans in the last quarter of 2019.

“I will be dropping a video for Shoko featuring ExQ early October.

“It’s a special video; it’s special in that it’s a purely Zimbabwean song.

“As for new songs, I think I will have to record them next year.”

Buoyed by the success of his debut album Francesca which is named after his mother, King 98 is destined for the stars.

Unlike the proverbial prophet who does not have honour in his homeland, he is determined to conquer on both ends.

He believes time will tell while hard work and creativity run in his DNA.

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