Kinnah bash ends prematurely

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Kinnah bash ends prematurely Kinna


Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter

…stage collapses, fans loot equipment

KINNAH’S 29th birthday bash at the Harare Gardens last Saturday ended prematurely after violence broke up.

All hell broke loose around 2am on Saturday when the birthday boy was still back stage waiting to make an appearance on stage and celebrate with the hundreds of fans that thronged the venue.

Blu Ice

Popular emcee, Merciless Zimbabwe was about to introduce the next act on stage when one of the trusses holding the LED lighting and liner speakers collapsed.

The show had also been marred by sound hiccups with the sound engineers experiencing technical glitches.

Rogue bouncers, who have become a menace, gained access to the VIP enclosure and were blamed for causing commotion that then led to the falling of the truss.

Show coordinator Stanley “Blu Ice” Chiveza said there was a group of rowdy bouncers that had entered the show and caused commotion in the VIP area that was close to the stage, leading to the people leaning on the truss and overpowering it till it fell.

“Bouncers caused commotion in the VIP and a fight broke out when people started run away for safety.

“They pushed over the VIP barricade that fell on the truss and then it collapsed.

“The truss holds electrical cables to the lights and speakers and so when it collapsed everything went silent.

There was darkness and people were running all over for safety whilst others took opportunity to loot some of the equipment.

“The mixer, cables, LED lights and one chain block were stolen.

“We only managed to recover one of the chain blocks and the person was arrested.

We are offering a reward for any that manages to recover any of the above things mention and they should call us on 0772 105 970 or 0772 984 904,” he said.

Blu Ice said there were no injuries reported to them.

“We have no injuries reported like what others are saying, if there are any we are willing to assist those people, all they need to do is contact us.

“The report we made was to the police and we opened a docket for the missing items that were stolen.”

He also rubbished reports that they had acquired a cheap PA system and stage to cut expenses.

“This is not our first time to stage shows, we have done shows of the years and we know what come with staging a show in a big venue like Harare Gardens.

“We had a RCF pa system which is one of the best we put the trusses that went with the setting of the stage and it’s unfortunate that things went the wrong way.

“They were hiccups and yes these things happen in events, we would like to apologise to the fans,” he added.

Asked whether they are going to hold a compensatory show he said:

“We are yet to make a postmortem of the show and see if we are able to do a compensatory show.

“It’s too early for us to announce and we are still trying to recover the stole equipment,” he said.






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