Kinnah denounces drug abuse

Milicent Chasinda

ZIMDANCEHALL stalwart, Kinnah, has urged young people to resist drug and substance abuse.

Speaking on the sidelines of a campaign held by the police in conjunction with Cool Splash, Kinnah noted that drugs have destroyed many lives.

“As a survivor of drug abuse, I have realised that drugs are harmful to our health.

“I am urging all youths to stop abusing drugs as they destroy our lives. It is better to look for a job and make your own money.

“Drugs are responsible for destroying our immune system and people who abuse drugs end up stealing to get money to buy drugs.

“I’m encouraging my fellow youths to say no to drugs and work hard to earn money,” said Kinnah.

Another person who overcame drug abuse shared her experience on how drugs almost made her a slave.

“I feel I’m now a normal human being compared to what I was five years ago.

“I used to consume drugs at Mbare Musika and go home late.

“I’m urging my fellow youths to stop taking drugs even when faced with difficult situations,” said the lady, who only identified herself as Shalom.

Assistant Inspector Talent Masarakufa said drugs and substance use is caused by peer pressure, experiments and limited knowledge.

“We are saying drug abuse is caused by peer pressure whereby one feels left out and they just do it to fit in,” he said.

Sergeant Pelagia Chabata noted that consumption of drugs leads to violent behaviour, hallucinations, crime, blurred vision, suicides, slurred language and insanity.

“Commission of crimes like rape, domestic violence and robbery are a sign of substance and drug abuse,” he said.

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