Kinnah’s 37 minutes fame pays off

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Kinnah’s 37 minutes fame pays off Kinnah


13 February 2017



DANCEHALL chanter Kinnah is on cloud nine after some of his tracks off his latest album were played on Malawi Global Radio Station on Tuesday.

Born Maliyakini Saizi, his music received a 37-minute uninterrupted airplay on the radio which left Malawian dancehall fans clamouring for more from the Mbare bred chanter.

Kinnah’s manager Raymond Zishiri could not hide the camp’s elation.

“It’s true we were honoured by a Malawian radio station that featured Mr Mbare on one of their daily shows.

“I received a call from one of our fans in that country and was told to follow a link on the internet and there it was such an honour to hear our music being appreciated by fellow Africans.

“After the show fans started calling in and asked for the Zimbabwean chanter to have a date with them,” he said.

Zishiri added:

“We have already been offered a golden opportunity to spread our influence by one of the Malawian music promoters; they want a date with Kinnah as soon as possible.

“It’s good for a start of the year and hope to use the platform to influence dancehall music in Africa.”

Zishiri has however bemoaned the lack of similar support from local radio stations.

“It’s good for us to be featured on radio stations outside our borders but my worry is why we can’t have a similar recognition from our own stations in Zimbabwe.

“We have submitted every song as per each radio’s request but they don’t play any of the songs during prime time serve for late night programmes.

“Kinnah has been a in the business for some time now and has risen the country’s flag on a number of times but still he gets little late night airplay from only Templeman at Star FM and Judgment Yard at ZiFM.”

Away from that, the chanter has been doing well with songs from his latest release earning him a place among the contenders for glory this year.

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