Kinnah’s bash gathers momentum

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Kinnah’s bash gathers momentum Kinnah, Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love


6 April 2017

Kinnah, Seh Calaz and Soul Jah Love

Dancehall artiste Kinnah is set to host his birthday bash at the Mbare Netball Complex this Saturday.

Born Maliyakini Saizi, the chanter turns 26.

The event expected to bring activity in Mbare will see Soul Jah Love, Killer T, Seh Calaz, Freeman and Hwindi Prezident among others performing.

According to the organisers, Express Entertainment and Tripple Spliffers, they have designed an unforgettable show.

“We have done all the necessary arrangements to come up with one of the greatest shows in dancehall circles.

“It’s going to a full house as we have included all the big guns in the business,” said Elder Shambare of Express Entertainment.

Kinnah’s handler Raymond Zishiri is optimistic the bash will hold its own.

“We are paying close attention to this birthday bash as we are seeking to make Kinnah’s music reach a bigger audience this year.

“It’s open to all his fans and dancehall lovers as all their favorite artistes will be performing in harmony with Kinnah’s earth day,” he said.

The camp has already promised to release a few singles on top of the musician’s current album Mkuru NdiMambo which has tracks like Musombo doing well.

Singles to be launched on Saturday include Nzira Yangu, Samadzibaba, Munzira Yababa and Busy Samakanika among others.

Mbare’s new breed of chanters-Blot, Boom Beto and Nutty O, have also pledged to make their time on stage a memorable one.

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