SHAMED football chief Luis Rubiales has been BANNED by Fifa over his kissgate scandalThe Spanish FA president kissed Spain World Cup winner Jenni Hermoso on the lips immediately after their final win over England.

On Thursday, Fifa announced that they had opened disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales in the wake of the incident.

And they have since suspended him from all football-related activities for the next 90 days.

The controversial Rubiales has received widespread criticism this week – both for the kiss and his leadership of the Spanish FA – including from players, LaLiga clubs, the Lionesses, the protesting Spanish public and even politicians.

As a response, the entirety of the coaching staff of Spain’s women’s team have now resigned except for head coach Jorge Vilda.

Hermoso stated that the kiss was not consensual – but the Spanish FA have defended their president and instead waged war with their midfielder by threatening to sue her.

A number of stars, including men’s striker Borja Iglesias, have quit the national team in protest against the chief, who performed a dramatic U-turn and refused to resign in a press conference on Friday.

Rubiales was criticised for his behaviour during Sunday’s Women’s World Cup final as Spain beat England 1-0 to be crowned champions for the first time.

He was filmed grabbing his crotch to celebrate the winning goal and then kissed Hermoso on the lips as she came up to receive her winner’s medal.

The controversial chief also went into the team dressing room after full-time, where he vowed to take the women on holiday to Ibiza and even marry Hermoso.

But the midfielder said in the immediate aftermath that she “did not enjoy” the unsolicited kiss.

The Spanish FA put out a statement on Sunday night claiming to be from Hermoso, but she gave her own version of events to confirm that the act from Rubiales was NOT consensual.

Rubiales initially hit out at the “idiots” criticising his behaviour before a weak apology on Monday.

And as the backlash continued against his actions in Sydney and also his ongoing leadership of the RFEF, he was expected to quit on Friday.

However, in the press conference, he defiantly said: “I am not resigning.”

Rubiales also slammed “false feminism” for his “social assassination” and described the kiss as a “consensual, spontaneous little peck”.

The decision not to step down was widely condemned by players, clubs and even Spanish politicians.

And that prompted Spain’s men’s team two-cap striker Iglesias to go on strike from international football until Rubiales resigns in solidarity with his female counterparts.

A staggering 81 Spanish women players have also said they will refuse to play while England’s Lionesses released a statement labelling the Spanish FA as “sexist and patriarchal”.

David De Gea, Hector Bellerin and Alex Morgan were among the high-profile footballers who also used social media to voice their anger – as did TNT presenter Laura Woods.

Hermoso said she was being put under “continuous pressure” by the Spanish FA to publicly support Rubiales.

A football match called ‘Friends of Luis Rubiales Match’ in the town that he grew up in that he was due to play in has now been suspended by Town Hall officials due to security reasons.

The decision was made as several feminist organisations announced plans to protest outside the event.


The 33-year-old also revealed she was made to feel “vulnerable and a victim of an impulse-driven, sexist, out-of-place act without any consent on my part” in a brave Instagram post.

Hermoso, who plays her club football for Pachuca in Mexico, spoke out after her loyal Spain team-mates confirmed they would not take to the field again until Rubiales left his position.

Despite winning the World Cup, the atmosphere around La Roja was already toxic due to the deeply unpopular Vilda, who applauded Rubiales at the press conference. – Sun.

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