Know your tourist attractions

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Know your tourist attractions


14 September 2018

Today we have a story on the majestic Great Zimbabwe – an amazing tourist attraction not only for Africa but the world at large.

Over the last few days we have explored the mighty Victoria Falls and showcased what it has to offer in terms of tourist activities and sights not just for international tourists but all Zimbabweans as well.

Many have never been to Great Zimbabwe or Victoria Falls yet they live in Zimbabwe.

We are a beautiful country with beautiful people and great tourist destinations.

The uniqueness of the Great Zimbabwe and the architectural expertise displayed over a century ago with no mortar is something anyone in the world would love to marvel at.

Add the fact that this was done before civilization and you will understand the interest that – with better marketing all over the world – a monument like the Great Zimbabwe can generate.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has made several shrewd decisions to market brand Zimbabwe and with more support from government, a lot more can be achieved.

The Carnival, which was a great success in previous years, is on the cards. It continues to market brand Zimbabwe whilst sharing ideas with other countries and cultures.

With such initiatives, the whole world will soon know that Zimbabwe is a peaceful country full of lovingly warm people. They will know too that there is a deliberate effort to hide the peace and love in this country through portraying it as some kind of political, social and economic war zone.

The world will marvel at the ability of Zimbabweans to care for their families through working hard to earn a living.

This way, the Zimbabwean tourism industry will definitely maximize business in different continents by marketing our destinations in these cities and giving the correct perception of Zimbabwe as a country and as a tourist destination.

Certainly The Mighty Victoria Falls needs no exaggerated marketing as it has naturally fallen amongst one of the Seven Wonders of the World. One needs only to know the amount of water flowing in the great Zambezi River and the rate and depth to which it plummets into the Victoria Falls gorge to catch a flight to Zimbabwe. What may worry Europeans – and any foreigners that had stopped coming to Zimbabwe over the last two decade – is the situation on the ground because what is portrayed by the international media about Zimbabwe borders on malicious misinformation.

We have opportunities, through international conferences like the UNWTO and the ICASA conference that we hosted, to tell the true story of Zimbabwe through the thousands of foreign delegates that throng the country and obviously preach the truth about Zimbabwe when they return.


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