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KOFFI HEAVEN-SENT SAYS ROKI Oskid, Roki and Passion Java


…star hails Patati Patata collabo

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

ROCKFORD “Roki” Josphat says Koffi Olomide is a creative genius who was heaven sent to help revive a somewhat ‘ailing’ career.

This follows the instant impact of his brand new song and video Patati Patata featuring the Congolese rhumba supremo and Tanzanian star, Rayvanny.

Koffi Olomide (right) with JanJam owner Cynthia Sithole

It was co-produced by East Africa’s most sought sound engineer Lizer Classic and his award-winning Zimbabwean counterpart, Oskid.


Although the refreshing collabo has made some tremendous traction on social media with the usual keyboard warriors shooting it down, Roki reckons he was back to the apex.

Koffi Olomide (left) and Roki

“Koffi Olomide is a no doubt a genius who has taught me a lot during his short stint in the country that led us to record this collabo.


“It was indeed an amazing experience working with Koffi because I was really working with the best there is on the continent.


“We really clicked well in the studio, everything went according to plan and right now we have just did something together with the blessings of the man of the God (Prophet Passion) who came into my life at the tight time,” he said.


Roki could not be drawn into commenting on social media users who had already began shooting down the song’s depth.


However, most of them had had a change of mind after watching its videos, making a shocking U-turn to endorse the song as a triumph.


In his own words, Roki said:


“I haven’t seen what they (social media users) are saying. However, there are some versions of the song which leaked but the main one will be posted by the man of God – Passion Java.


“I’m just glad that I worked with the best on this song, which has always been my wish.


“I’m looking forward to more big collaborations after this one and the man of God will be leading us.”


Despite the instant impact of his song, the evolving urban grooves stalwart said he would not rest on his laurels.


He told this publication that it was high time he invests in linguistics to enhance his communication skills.


“I have also learnt the value of being multilingual from Koffi who can speak many languages.


“When he came, we were communicating well because he also understands English and it was easy for us to interact in the studio,” he said.

Asked how he coped in the studio considering the language barriers, Roki explained:


“I can speak French having learnt it in school so it was not difficult for us to communicate even though I was a big rusty.


“I realised that it was important for artistes to learn other languages when I once settled in South Africa where I learnt IsiZulu and Xhosa.


“At the moment, I’m busy perfecting my French as well as learning other international languages, a barrier which has affected a number of artistes’ world over.


“I’m only realising now that some of the things we overlooked in school have come to haunt us.”


On Covid-19 effects, Roki said they were not spared but vowed to remain relevant.


“We have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 but we have been doing our best to remain in the game.


“I have released a number of songs and there is more coming so people should expect more from me.


“As an artiste, I will continue doing music, my old  and new fans should brace themselves for new stuff,” he said.


Roki is one of the top artistes who careers have taken a wane before Prophet Java came to his rescue.


Passion Java has done a lot for the Zim dancehall artistes among others musicians in the mainstream industry for the great part of the lockdown.


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