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IN Soweto, they have the famous KONKA and in Warren Park D they will soon have The Don.

It was a visit to KONKA which inspired a local businessman, who at the moment prefers to remain anonymous until his joint is completed, to build The Don.

He chose Warren Park D, already known for its Mereki, as the site of his joint.

Already, the work which has been done there has changed the face of this high density neighbourhood.

Crucially, he says, it has also created employment for a number of locals and, so far, he has taken in a dozen employees from the neighbourhood.

There are huge water tanks underground and residents of the neighbourhood are allowed to access clean water free of charge.

The concept is to have an exclusive open air nightclub in a complex that will also have retail shops, a barber shop and a car wash.

“When we are done with the construction and we open our doors I think we will have a beautiful complex which the people of Warren Park D will be proud of,” he told H-Metro.

“We are the only ones who can change the faces of our local communities and also empowering those who live in these communities.

“Of course, for us, it’s a business but don’t forget we have employed guys from this neighbourhood and we will employ more as we get to the final stages of the construction.”

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