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3 October 2016


KVG and Phatisani

KVG and Phatisani

THE Star FM’s 326 Express’ Kudzai Violet Gwara and Phathisani Sibanda are having fun in London ahead of their return to work on October 10.

KVG and Phathisani have been on annual leave and returned to London last week, this time on vacation having travelled on business in June.


Impala Car Rental sponsored the trip and were part of a gig staged in Dunstable on Sunday.

The very popular KVG and Phathisani shared their experience with H-Metro last night.


“We are just getting some time to explore, we went to BBC today and learnt a few things about how they go about their business and it was a fantastic experience and also seeing other Zimbabweans who are also part of the team doing their thing and adding a little bit of their input on such a big corporation like that.


“They have invited us to come through tomorrow and definitely we will have the 326 Express representing and of course Napstar the radio master also in the mix. So we really looking forward to that.

“We are also enjoying the weather, it’s not too cold but the seasons are changing and anytime now we will be expecting very cool temperatures. So yeah, it’s happening and we are excited. We will see you when we get back,” said KVG.

Phathisani had some revelations to make:


“We are just on vacation and enjoying in the UK but there is no place like home. We are having fun, shopping, we like shopping, we have an addiction to shopping and we have been to a number of shopping malls. KVG has gained weight, you know her and food. For me, it’s the first time that I ate pork.


“We miss the people back home, we miss work, we miss being on Star FM but one needs to take a break and we were brought here by Impala Travel and Tours. We had a gig on Sunday and it went well. He was very, very happy and he is even suggesting that we take it to Australia, Canada and the US,” said Phathisani.

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