KVG plays Gemma role

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KVG plays Gemma role KVG


Nyasha Kad, Entertainment Reporter

Popular radio and television presenter, KVG, showed she is a package of diverse talent last Saturday when stepped up to play Gemma Griffith’s role when she joined dancehall star Winky D  on stage to perform the hit song “MuGardern.”

The beauty was emceeing at the Ziyawa kuEcoCash first monthly draw that was held in Bulawayo.

The event featured other artistes like Jah Prayzah and Iyasa.

KVG and Winky D

KVG stepped up to perform the song after an invitation from the Gaffa on stage after the first female participant had failed to impress.

“It was amazing performing alongside the Gaffa.

“He looked for someone to help perform the song (MuGarden) and I think the first lady caught stage fright and wasn’t able to perform.

“He was performing well and he wanted to keep momentum and when he saw me he called me on stage.

“Earlier he had seen me waving when he was looking for someone to perform the Gemma part and I was like I would love to do that, so when he then saw he called me on stage.

“We performed the whole song and I was singing word for word to Gemma’s part and it came out lovely and Bulawayo people loved it.

“I think he had confidence in me because when the song came out I would always sing to Gemma‘s part on my social media and have people rate me and had good ratings, at one time he commented on one of them.

“So I feel he had the confidence in me and he knew I would kick it,” said KVG.

She added:

“We had fun performing together and it was one of the most amazing experiences in my career so far performing with an African superstar like Winky D, someone who is ready to take over the world, I was so happy.”

Despite putting up a good performance KVG said she does not see herself pursuing music someday but if she is to record a song it will be out of fun.

She said she will stick to playing other artistes music on radio like she does.

Her video performing with Winky D has since gone viral on social media.





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