l Children’s rights movements react to abuse l Calls grow for the mother to be punished

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l Children’s rights movements react to abuse l Calls grow for the mother to be punished Munyaradzi Chauraya



Latwell Nyangu
CHILDREN’S rights movements and activists yesterday called for an example to be set in the shocking case in which a two-year-old girl was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriend.

Different media platforms called for the punishment of Harare dealer, Munyaradzi Chauraya, who is at the centre of the storm, if he is found guilty.

H-Metro interviewed children’s rights advocates who called for thorough investigations of the mother, Natalie Taruvinga.

Below are some of the responses:

l Rodney Mutombo (Women Excel Trust Director)

“I saw the video in circulation of the daughter that was being abused, it’s very sickening that a whole man can have such guts.

“If I had the powers, I was going to make sure that the guy is castrated and rot in jail.

“It’s high time as a country we enact stiffer penalties to punish such men.

“Personally, I will make sure that this man is behind bars so that he doesn’t continue abusing other innocent souls and women should be very careful not to trust every man with their                                                                                      kids.”

l Maxim Murungweni (Child Rights Advocate)

“It is very disheartening that we continue to see an increase in cases of child sexual abuse.

“It’s even depressing that the perpetrators of such horrific abuses are people known and close to the children.

“People who are supposed to be protecting and caring for the children are the ones abusing them.

“We need to have a deeper reflection and broader conversation as a society on how we can make our homes safe places for our children.

“I call upon all the relevant authorities to get to the bottom of this case and make sure that those responsible get stiffer penalties.”

l Junior Gambura (Girl Child Advocate)

“It’s a sad development and situation, my heart goes to the vulnerable child.

“This is not only for the child. I think the mother is also the victim of this relationship.

“Point to consider, we have seen abuse is always done by a close family member.

“It’s never a stranger who does this, it’s always an uncle, niece, nephew, etc.

“This has been the norm in the societies we are operating or live in.

“Matters of abuse are very sensitive and should be treated with care and confidentiality as much as possible.

“I understand there was a socialite (Mai TT) who went to the mother’s house and tried to expose the perpetrator but in the process she then exposed the mother, even though there are no reports made, but from the background of the case, you can see that she is a victim and, as professionals, we don’t expose the victims, its detrimental to their healing.

“There is so much highest regard of confidentiality that must be upheld because of values and ethics.

“Socialites should stay away from such incidents, due to confidentiality rather than for them to press the live button.

“Once we have exposed them, in a live broadcast, we have crushed their lives in the public.

“It’s not a proper way of dealing with such issues, the socialite went out of context, in exposing the mother.

“Victims will continue to be haunted in their lives. These reports will remain on the internet.

“At times, these socialites, live their lives on social media and their pages are monetised and they take advantage of such situations, and they want to paint themselves like people of good morals, even with good intent, they are not trained to deal with such cases. They are only aiming to get more followers. These issues need to be treated with care.”

l Rev Taylor Nyanhete (National Director for Zimbabwe National Council For Welfare Of Children)

“I had an opportunity to receive the videos and I am sure investigations are underway and the Police Victim Friendly Unit confirmed dealing with the case.

“We look forward to seeing the perpetrators being brought before  the law.

“We need to protect our children more, let’s not leave our children with male adults, we don’t know or even those we know.

“Anyone can abuse your child. It’s also speaking to power dynamics within communities.

“That woman is dependent on the male adult, who is clear that he is a paedophile.

“Maybe, she should not have allowed that to happen but that will be determined by the court but a crime was committed.

“Circulating such videos on social media, is also a crime.

“We discourage the circulation of such by anyone, because for us, when we received them, we sent them to victim friendly unit for investigations.

“People should desist from circulating such videos. We also need to note that no evidence is destroyed, a lot of people are abusing children.

“Mothers need to keep an eye on their children and be wary of paedophiles. Monitor what is happening on the children’s phones since there are many abuses on the internet.”

l Ekenia Chifamba (Shamwari yeMwanasikana director)

“This is one of the stories taking place within our communities, churches, workplaces and are swept under the carpet due to various reasons.

“Her future,  her health, matter.

“We continue to encourage women out there, when they get into relationships, to consider their children first.

“They should also check their lovers. Do background checks of whoever you are dating, women should also consider working on their own and be able to take care of their children without depending on morons. Imagine the level of damage done on this toddler’s life?

“We hope the law will take its course and deal with this matter and be an example to other men out there that they should allow children to grow up.”

l Fari Wacho (single mother)

“This is a disturbing issue, especially for us single mothers.

“Even the innocent men will be accused because of this man.

“He is insensitive, imagine leaving a child in the hands of such a man?

“The guts of recording such, why do that in front of an innocent child?

“We want justice for the little child and there was definitely something that was supposed to be done by the mother.

“Not to keep quiet until something has happened to her.

“If they had not had an altercation, nothing would have been exposed. So, there is something which needs to be done to this mother.

“Imagine if we did not have technology, many people would get away with crime, since no one would have seen their acts.

“We want justice and the mother should be punished for standing with the man.

“But, she also needs protection since this man is unpredictable.”

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