Ladies man, Trevor D battling depression

Yemurai Dyakonda

SINGER Trevor Dongo has revealed that he has been struggling in silence in a battle against depression.

The singer expressed his feelings in a post on his social Facebook post.

“My closest people know me as a very strong person but today I had to open up a little bit.

“Since 2021, I have been suffering from depression but no one really noticed because of the fact that l am a public figure and people expect you to have everything figured out.

“It ruined my mental health, my appetite, sleeping habits etc.

“Writing music, recording and performing has been an escape tool but to an extent.”

He added:

“Being an introvert that I am, I find myself in an enclosed space drowning deep in my thoughts and I tend to be a man of sober habits (I don’t drink neither do I smoke or take any substance).

“I find myself not being able to open up to anyone for fear of being judged as a weak person or just being ignored.

“Depression is real and it’s eating me up from the inside.”

Trevor’s honesty and vulnerability struck a chord with his fans, many of whom reached out to express their support and gratitude for his willingness to speak out.

Recently, Saintfloew was flown to South Africa for rehabilitation as he struggles to divorce himself from the grip of drugs and substance abuse.

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