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LADY Chevrons coach, Walter Chawaguta, has challenged the batters to be at their best when they seek to become the first country to win the cricket gold medal at the African Games.

They will take on South Africa in the final today.

Whatever the outcome, the Lady Chevrons will secure a medal for Zimbabwe today and what awaits determination is whether it will be gold or silver.

South Africa start as favourites but Chawaguta believes they stand a chance if they get their batting right while confident that the fielding will continue doing well.

“We are looking forward to a good final against South Africa.

“The team has done well so far, considering we turned up here in Accra carrying high expectations from all concerned.

“Our bowling has been decent backed by some good fielding in general but our batting has to come right especially if we get to chase in the final. We need to see our top order batters being more positive in the power-play,” said Chawaguta.

The finalists are unbeaten and Chawaguta said the morale was high in the camp as they seek to complete the campaign with a 100 percent record.

“The morale is good and the team is in good space.

“We have gotten this far in the competition by focusing on what we can control, that is our processes and I have been urging the team to keep their attention on the same thing and take care of process all else will fall into place.”

With the African Games serving as part of the preparations for the IC T20 World Cup global qualifiers set for Abu Dhabi at the end of next month, Chawaguta is happy with the how the matches have fitted into their preparations schedule.

“These matches fit well into our progression towards the Global Qualifiers not long from now and the pressure we encountered here will hopefully hold us in good stead at the WC qualifiers,” he said.

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