Lady Chevrons duo on achievements

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Lady Chevrons duo on achievements Loryn Phiri


Zimbabwe women’s cricket team on Sunday won the ICC Women T20 World Cup Africa Qualifiers tournament in Botswana which earned them a ticket to the Women’s T20 World Cup tournament next year.
Lady Chevrons’ recent achievement have made them the team of the week in the country.

At the tournament Zimbabwe duo Modester Mupachikwa and Loryn Phiri walked away with top individual accolades, namely best batter of the tournament and best bowler of the tournament respectively.


Aged 24 Mupachikwa plays club cricket for Glenshire while Phiri (22) plays for Mountaineers.


H-Metro Sports Reporter Richard Zimunya yesterday caught up with the duo to share more on their recent achievements.


The reporter sent identical questions to the cricketer. Read on . . .


Qsn: How do you feel with your recent individual achievement in Botswana?


Mupachikwa: I am happy, it feels good and I am humbled to be named the batter of the tournament but it’s all thanks to the Almighty.


Phiri: I am chuffed, it means a lot really but it was all a team effort, so I am proud of the team and I really appreciate everyone who have been there supporting me.


Qsn: Who do you dedicate this award to?


Mupachikwa: It is a special dedication to my late mother who passed away last year and also just to my other teammates and technical team for believing in me, not forgetting my family.


Phiri: I dedicate this award to my mom, she passed away when I was 17 and she never had a chance to see me playing so I hope I made her proud from where she is because I believe she is my guardian angel.


Qsn: Which club do dream to play for in your career?


Mupachikwa: I dream to play for Sixers, the one in the Big Bash League, Australia.


Phiri: I would really love to play in Australia Big Bash League for Sydney Sixers.


Qsn: What do you dream to achieve with the national team?


Mupachikwa: I want to take my team to the World Cup and also to see it amongst world top ranks.


Phiri: With the national team my dream and hope is to qualify for the World Cup so we can all be able to play at a bigger stage of the game.


Qsn: What is your message to parents out there on the girl child who want to take cricket as a profession?


Mupachikwa: They should let them play because there are so many opportunities that comes with the sport (cricket) there is good remuneration, also more traveling so they will get to see the world and also sport can teach you a lot about life, meeting different people with different backgrounds.


Phiri: Let them be open minded about it and give them a chance to pursue it so that they can express their talent.

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