Blessing Malinganiza

LADY Chevrons coach, Walter Chawaguta, has demanded that his charges maintain a winning habit as they prepare for the 2024 ICC T20 World Cup Global qualifiers.

The Lady Chevrons host Papua New Guinea in three T20I and three ODIS, beginning on Sunday, as part of their preparations for the T20 Global qualifiers.

The tourney is scheduled for next month in Abu Dhabi.

Chawaguta, who described the African Games gold medal win as a product of hard-work and dedication by the Lady Chevrons, has challenged the team to build on the historic win.

“The African Games medal represents the hard work and dedication these ladies have to their work.

“We have also gotten ourselves into a habit of winning, my hope is we carry this momentum into every match in the near future.

“One thing the tournament revealed is the fact that this team is learning to win matches and getting better at it and there were few times we found ourselves in a spot of bother but there was always someone who put their hand up and rescued the situation.

“The other thing is that not one player dominated the scene but every match we won was as a result of a combined team effort.”

He added: “Papua New Guinea is part and parcel of our journey to the qualifiers and the upcoming series will test us on how we are able to maintain our winning ways.

“The challenge will be different conditions and expectations are different hence we have to respond very well to these conditions.

“The ODI series will test our defence and ability to bat long, while our bowlers will be tested on their longevity and ability to bowl well and for much longer than in T20s.”

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