Lady Sables optimistic

04 Jun, 2021 - 11:06 0 Views
Lady Sables optimistic


Richard Zimunya, Sports Reporter

Women Sables coach Munyaradzi Mhonda, says he was impressed with his team’s performance despite losing to their Zambian counterparts on Wednesday in a friendly match.

He hopes the team will do better on Saturday against same opponents.


Sables ladies lost 22-31 in the first friendly match and will play at Harare Sports Club in the second and final friendly match.


“I was more than impressed by the heart my players showed, whilst there is many aspects to fix I am very proud of their performance.


“I am quite sure they will do much better, looking to make a few changes in the line-up but the core team will remain,” said Mhonda.


He said these friendly matches are helping him in trying combinations and introducing his philosophy to the players ahead of their trip to Uganda in July.


“These friendlies are crucial in getting match fitness, trying combinations, and understanding a new philosophy I am introducing.


“This is all building up to our trip to Uganda for the Africa Cup qualifiers, Zimbabwe Women’s rugby is on a new trajectory and it’s going to be exciting,” he added.


Ladies Sables are set to play their Ugandan counterparts in July as some curtain raisers for the men’s rugby Africa Cup tournament.


However, Mhonda went on to bemoan Covid-19 claiming that it brought a huge setback in preparations since the women rugby local league is not yet active.


“Covid-19 restrictions were a huge set back in terms of planning, that and 3 weeks to prepare, our counter parts are midway through their season and hardened, getting Sables women match fit has been a challenge with no local games.


“At the end of the day we (Sables women) are just happy to be able to play and be a part of this game we all love.”

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