LADY SQUANDA flees with money?

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LADY SQUANDA flees with money? Landy Squanda


22 November 2018

Landy Squanda

CONTROVERSIAL Zim dancehall chanter Lady Squanda riled her band members when she reportedly vanished with performance fees, leaving them stranded in Gutu during a show on Sunday.

The show ended prematurely at Club Tsime in Gutu as other performers – Crystal and Giddagoria – had learnt that Squanda had left with the gate takings.

Giddagoria’s manager, Tichaona ‘Tichman’ Manyati, alleges that Squanda drove away with over a thousand dollars after tricking one of his colleagues only known as Styra.

“The entrance payments were done at the car while I was checking the tickets at the door.

“My other colleague – Styra – was collecting money together with one of Squanda’s representatives in the car.

“When Squanda finished performing she fooled Styra by sending him to go and take one of her mobile phones from one of our colleague and fled the scene.

“She went away with almost over a thousand dollars cash and some of the money in the EcoCash account which we do not know its amount,” said Tichman.

“When Styra went back to give Squanda her phone that is when we noticed that she had fled with the money.

“We had to stop the show while Giddagoria was performing in order to chase Squanda,” he added.


Tichman said he was ditched by Lady Squanda without paying the expenses for the gig.

“She left before I could settle the expenses of the show as I was the one who had organised this event.

“I even called her several times but she did not pick up my calls,” he said.

However, Lady Squanda denied the allegations by Tichman when interviewed by H-Metro.

“I do not know what they are talking about, I did not flee with the entrance takings.

“These guys came begging for me to perform at their show and we agreed that they will get ten percent of the proceedings.


“It is a lie that I fled with over a thousand dollars, they are the ones who left me stranded in Gutu and I had to pay all the expenses of the gig.

“I only got $120 collected from the gate takings and I am the one who paid $70 for the PA system and $60 for the police who gave us their security services, and I also had to buy $30 fuel for the car I was using,” fumed Squanda.


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