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. . . 2 hours of beating for relationship wrecker

Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

DANCEHALL queen Lady Squanda is reportedly in another kidnap, robbery and assault storm after allegedly bashing a man she accused of ending her love a­ffair.

­ The female chanter allegedly kidnapped, assaulted and robbed Victor Chaponda, popularly known as Pablo in Chitungwiza, of his valuables.


A report was made at Chitungwiza Police Station for robbery, assault and kidnapping under case number RRB 4767689.


Pablo was allegedly attacked for ending Squanda’s relationship with one Boss Moyo, a car dealer.


Pablo allegedly spilled beans about Squanda’s affair with another man in Boss Moyo’s presence, unaware that the latter was in a relationship with the dancehall artiste.

Pablo’s injuries

Boss Moyo then got angry and took back goods he bought for Squanda during the subsistence of their affair.


­ e conversation, which took place at a car wash, reportedly prompted Boss Moyo to break up with Squanda, who in return attacked Pablo for causing the breakup.

Pablo’s injury

Squanda, however, rubbished the claims saying she was clean.


Pablo said he told Moyo that Squanda was in a relationship with another man, which then prompted him (Moyo) to break up with her.

“We were having a general conversation with him (Moyo), not knowing they were having an affair.


“I saw her passing by and I then mentioned that she was dating another guy in our area, little did I know that there was something between them.


“He then went to her and took his belongings before ending the relationship.”


Added Pablo: “So on the next day at around 10pm when I was going home I saw Squanda close to my gate. She was in the company of her team.


She then told me to get inside the car, indicating that she wanted us to talk.


“I refused, but they forced me inside the D4D Hilux, which was being driven by Squanda, whilst a Honda Fit was being driven by one Dallas.


“­These guys grabbed me and pushed me inside.


“The other guy used an electric shocker, while Squanda was hitting me with her heels.


“­The other guy was using a shifting spanner.


“­They threatened to kill me because I had ruined her relationship.


“She asked who was going to take care of her kids and they stripped me of my clothes, leaving only a t-shirt and a pair of shorts,” said Pablo.


He said he lost valuables during the attack.


“I lost R3 000 which was meant for school fees and some other money and they also took my phone. I then reported the matter to the police.


“Since I reported the matter, she has not complied; she has been evasive.


“It was a two-hour beating and interrogation.


Police have been trying to get hold of her, but she is nowhere to be seen.


“She texted me four days ago, telling me that she is available if we were looking for her, but each attempt to locate her has not yielded results.


“I want medication and all my things.”


Contacted for comment, Squanda said she did not know Pablo.


“Who is that person? I don’t know about that, I don’t know that case, and I don’t know how to fight. I don’t do fights; murume here munhu wacho? Handisi weboxing ini. I am a woman and I cannot fight a man.


“I don’t know Pablo.


“What is his crime that I can beat him? Handina ma­fia ini.


“I don’t know kuti there is case with the police, are you a police officer?” she asked.


Asked to comment on the police case, she said:


Iwe shamwari iwe, ndati this time don’t fu*k around with my name and whatever you call yourself, this time ndokumam*rai zveshuwa.


“If Pablo was truly beaten, let the police come and arrest me.


“Why would I beat him?


“Usatenge mero, you will be implicated in cases which are not yours shaa, usanditsome, udza Pablo kuti usanditsome tsome.


“He knows my place of residence waiziva,” she said, involuntarily revealing that she knows Pablo.


Iwewe kana uri wekuH-Metro, drive your car and come to my house, simple.


“I don’t know that Pablo — he or she and I have nothing to do with him or her.


“He doesn’t have money yekuti ndingamubire.


“I don’t have a mafia; I am always kumba kwedu and I am always available on my phone.


“I am everywhere, even if you want me to come there, I can come because I am available.


“Number 1 Kubvumbi, Zengeza 3,” she said.


Boss Moyo said he was not present when the incident occurred.


“When that issue happened I was not there and I can’t give you details because I was not there, but mfana akangondisendera message kuti ndarohwa.


“I still have the message, but I was not there. Can you ask Squanda, mune number dzake here, ndogona kukupai number dzaSquanda wacho kana musina.


“It happened during the night and I was not there. Please leave my name out of this.”

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