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24 February 2017


. . . bashes hubby’s secret lover

. . . smashes parked cars

lady storm and lover

IN typical ‘The Boy Is Mine’ fashion, contemporary rhumba exponent Lady Storm – real name Lyn Magodo – bashed her partner’s ‘secret’ lover at City Sports Bar on Wednesday night during the Dancers Association of Zimbabwe Awards.

The fracas started after the unidentified woman sneaked into the show venue and shoved Lady Storm from behind, resulting in a fierce exchange of blows.

The drama occurred in the presents of H-Metro.

Lady Storm and the seething woman claimed they were both married to the man only indentified as Tinarwo.

The 24-year-old, who has on several occasions been spotted chauffeured by the man to and from public events, claims he paid the bride price in January.

Security at the bar failed to control the fight which continued outside the pub where Lady Storm floored her rival suitor on the tarmac, attracting the attention of revellers and street kids.


The man at the centre of storm took the woman to a nearby filling station to address the issue but to no avail.

An infuriated Lady Storm followed the two in a silver Mercedes Benz.

In that fit of rage, she smashed two parked cars and only stopped along Robert Mugabe Road when she spotted her man tussling with her rival suitor and the fight continued.

At the height of the fight, the man was overpowered by Lady Storm as he tried to separate his two women.

“Leave my husband alone, I am leaving with him,” said Lady Storm’s rival as she demanded car keys from the former.

“We are both married to him; you need to respect me as well and I am going to teach you a lesson.

“He paid the bride price and I have the right to be with him, it’s my car as well,” replied Lady Storm while charging towards her rival.

“I want to teach you a lesson today; you have been a thorn in the b**t. You need to respect me and I am going to teach you a lesson this evening.

“I might be quiet and reserved but I can react as well,” ranted Lady Storm, a former soldier.

As the fight continued, a member of Jah Prayzah’s security team who tried to intervene persuaded the man to leave the scene and avoid further embarrassment.

“Why can’t you leave this place and iron out your differences somewhere since both women claim they are married to you,” said the bouncer as he handed over the car keys to Lady Storm.

Lady Storm continued attacking her rival and the fight only stopped when the man hired a taxi to take Lady Storm’s rival away.

The woman claimed their man has not been taking good care of their child while pampering Lady Storm with gifts.

Lady Storm rose to prominence as the naughty school girl dancer in Jah Prayzah’s video Eriza.

She also earned the moniker Eriza due to her exploits in the video.

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