Land dispute spills into court

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Land dispute spills into court


Rumbidzai Rambanapasi, Court Reporter

A City man claims his brother’s wife is in the habit of assaulting him over a piece of land.

The matter was heard at the Harare Civil court where Paradzai Mandaza applied for a protection order against his brother’s wife, Elinelah Mandaza.

“She assaults me over my piece of land which I have inherited from my father.

“She placed her fence around my land and it is blocking me from entering my field.

“We once approached the headman but she had different statements concerning the ownership of the land by saying that she was allocated by my father and later on said she was allocated by my grandmother,” said Paradzai.

Paradzai also told the court that Elinelah once destroyed his storeroom.

“She is abusive and a violent person because she has destroyed my storeroom yet I am the owner of that land.

“I want the court to protect me because I am now afraid that she might destroy my new storeroom.

“I want her to be barred from visiting my piece of land,” he said.

Elinelah disputed the allegations saying that she was allocated the piece of land by her father in-law.

“He is lying, the land is mine because I was allocated by my father in-law in 1965.

“I never assaulted or insulted him because the land is mine,” said Elinelah.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the protection order in Paradzai’s favour.





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