Arron Nyamayaro

A LANDLADY in Zengeza, Chitungwiza, faked the death of her tenant to lure his relatives to come and settle backdated rent and unpaid bills.

Kenny Tore (49) owed the landlady, Concilia Tabvunya, US$380, accrued over four months.

The two then came up with this strange idea to fake Kenny’s death.

Kenny confirmed he agreed to fake his death to force his elder brother, Tenson, to pay him the wages he owed him.

Concilia was the one who sent a message to Kenny’s family advising them that “he had died.”

The message reached Kenny’s ex-wife who, unaware it was prank, began the process of procuring a funeral policy.

When Kenny’s family members arrived at the house, however, they were not able to pay the backdated rent and left in anger.

“It’s true that I phoned Kenny’s relatives, after agreeing with him, informing them about a fake death because he has been suffering with his brother not paying him his dues,” said Concilia.

“Kenny works under Tenson and he has not been paying him.

“Vakatenderedza ma-photos muma WhatsApp profile pictures and some came wailing for a living man.

“Vamwe kutozozvipunzira pasi vasvika pano asi hama yavo ichifa nenzara isingabhadhare pekugara.” Kenny said his wife and children have been neglecting him for quite some time.

“I have been a tenant here for almost six years now and my landlady has been good to me,” said Kenny.

“I work with my elder brother as a welder and I have all the skills in welding.

“Tenson misplaced my welding documents and he has not been paying my salary which is now in excess of US$800.

“My wife left for South Africa sometime in February and is yet to return. She was called by her sister, and she promised to return, but she hasn’t.

“My children are farm workers so they do not earn much. I pleaded with my landlady until we agreed to fake my death. They came in their numbers, but all of them failed to settle my                                                rentals.

“Instead, they left in anger, including my ex-wife, who had processed a funeral policy.

“It is my prayer that I get formal employment or get a welding machine to start my own business,” said Kenny.

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