Landlord, tenant at loggerheads

09 Dec, 2022 - 00:12 0 Views
Landlord, tenant at loggerheads


Natasha Mbewe

A HARARE woman has dragged her landlord to court accusing him of breach of contract and insulting her.

Innocentia Magodi applied for a peace order against her landlord, Joseph Chawaka, at the Harare Civil Court yesterday.

She accused him of harassing and insulting her in front of their children.

Magistrate Judith Taruvinga granted her the peace order.

“I run a pre-school at his house and he has a tendency of insulting me in front of the children.

“Two weeks after I started using this apartment, he brought an eviction notice which is in violation of our agreement,” she said.

“If he no longer wants me there, at least he should give me time to look for another place.”

Chawaka did not oppose the application.

“I have always maintained peace, so I am not opposing the application.

“All the allegations written on the affidavit are not true.

“I have a 10-roomed house and she rents seven rooms. 

“She does not even pay rent for the whole house as she claims.

“Whenever I visit that house I mind my own business,” he said.

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