Lawyer reinvents Sungura

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Lawyer reinvents Sungura Hare and the late Beatar Mangethe


12 March 2019

Hare and the late Beatar Mangethe

AFTER years of music promotions and of course defending suspected criminals in the courts of law, Panganayi Hare has decided to release his debut album.

Titled Mbuva Yehwiza, the album hits the airwaves today but the 48-year-old says he is doing it for fun and not money.

Hare, who now works for a blue chip firm in the capital as a company secretary, said he has always loved music and decided to release a six-track album laden by refreshing songs.

These tracks comprise Panganayi featuring Ethel Musonza, Zvibatwa, Mariah featuring Somandla Ndebele, Jojo na Jojina, Zinonganonga and Mandiregerera.

Backed by the superb Super Crew Band in the studio, Hare went full circle and roped in seasoned guitarists as instrumentalists for this album.

Utakataka Express quartet of Spencer Khumulani, Tauya Karikodzi, Matthew Perego and on-off chanter Gift “Shiga shiga” Katulika together with former Orchestra Mberikwazvo drummer Obert Gomba featured on the album.

In an interview with H-Metro, the Mo-tainment boss who made his name as music promoter and lawyer in Bulawayo over the eyars, said he has always had a passion for music.

Hare and the late Tongai

“I have always wanted to record but I couldn’t go into the studio due to my busy schedule.

“I wrote these songs a decade or so ago but I was just procrastinating owing to my busy schedule.

“As a lawyer, you know how busy we can be but I have finally recorded it after I relocated to Harare where I got a job as a company secretary.

“I took two weeks working on this project which was co-produced by Jabulani Ndlovu and Bothwell Nyamhondera of Bon Yam Studios,” he said.

Hare, who has also roped Alick Macheso’s Alema Studios to print his CD copies, was upbeat the album will hold its own.

“To be honest, this album is a masterpiece and I think we are reinventing sungura.

“I gave Macheso the copy of the album and he endorsed it as a competitive album,” he said.

Hare, who is credited for weaning off the late Beatar Mangethe, said he has learnt a lot from the artistes he used to promote.

“As you know, I have been working with a number of artistes over years comprising the late Beatar Mangethe, Tongai Moyo and Simon Chimbetu.

“There are other living legends I promoted like Macheso and I can safely say I have had a good company with these legends who helped me a lot.

“Now that I have started something new, I hope fans will embrace my music.

“However, I am just doing to for fun and not money because I have other sources of income like farming and of course my job,” he added.

Hare said he was ready to shoot two accompanying videos to ensure that he complement his audios.

The affable lawyer has since rope in a leading videographer to ensure that he comes up with a masterpiece.

Back to his album, Hare struck right chords and one would not be insane to take him for a seasoned musician upon listening to his album.

Lyrically, the album is reach while the arrangement and mixing was expertly done.

With proper marketing, Hare is set to change the game in this particular genre where creativity is lacking among artistes.

Without fear or favour, Hare is the next big thing in sungura but he insists he is doing for fun.

If his album is well received, Hare said it will be a bonus and triumph to the genre.

In a nutshell, the album is worth the purchase and why not get the copy of yours.

The album is being distributed by Super Crew Family.

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