Lawyer sues Kikky Bada** for suggesting he is a sex maniac

18 Mar, 2023 - 12:03 0 Views
Lawyer sues Kikky Bada** for suggesting he is a sex maniac Kikky


Latwell Nyangu

RAPPER and song writer Christabell ‘Kikky Bada**’ Stembeni Mahlungwa has been sued over an Instagram post in which she accused lawyer Rodney Saratoga Makausi to have solicited sexual favours from her.
Kikky posted the picture on March 2, in which she claimed she rebuffed sexual demands from Rodney.

In a letter of demand, through his lawyers, Saratoga Makausi Law Chambers, the lawyer is asking an apology, retraction and removal of the post within four days after receiving the correspondence.

“We are writing this letter at the instance of our managing partner Mr Rodney Makausi who is our client in this matter.
“Our client has shown us a post which you uploaded on your Instagram page where you are known by the name ‘Kikky Bada**’.

This picture was also downloaded by your Instagram followers and widely circulated on WhatsApp.

“The downloaded Instagram post insinuated that our client Mr Rodney Saratoga Makausi had sent text messages to you via the WhastApp platform using a South African number +27677905476.


The WhatsApp messages from this South African number which allegedly sent the message to you carried a picture of Mr Rodney Saratoga Makausi.

“Your Instagram post alluded that Mr Rodney Saratoga Makausi, whose picture appeared on the post, had sent you a text message via WhatsApp soliciting for sexual favours from you.

“The Instagram post also indicated that you had rebuffed the alleged sexual advances allegedly from Mr Rodney Saratoga Makausi.”

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