Lazzie T itching for recognition

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Lazzie T itching for recognition Lazzie T


WARREN Park bred producer Lazarus Chapo might not have an accolade but the industry knows him very well.

Better known as Lazzie T, the dreadlocked producer who has weaned off several artistes is still itching for recognition.

The talented music producer and sound engineer at BigTinx Records Pvt Ltd remains hopeful that he will BE rewarded one day.

H-Metro Entertainment Reporter Desmond Munemo (DM) had a chat with the producer (LT) who has helped so many people dating back from the urban grooves era to date.

He opened up on his ambitions, challenges and competition in the music industry where the weak have fallen by the wayside while the resilient are still moving on. Read on…

DM: Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Lazzie T?

LT: I am music producer, I am a director for various bands, I enjoy making music of all genres and I am the director of BigTinx Records Pvt Ltd.

DM: What is your vision as a producer?

LT: My vision is to see our music industry in Zimbabwe on the continental map like what Nigerian music is doing across the region.

I see myself producing international artistes like Beyonce and making musical productions for Jamaican artistes like Romain Virgo and Christopher Martin.

DM: What inspired you to become a music producer?

LT: Just the love of music and since I was a child I have always wanted to become a producer one day.

DM: Who is your role model?

LT: Firstly, God alone but on my list I put Thomas Mapfumo on top and Roki second.

Next on the list I put myself because I see myself as a role model.

DM: Any childhood memories?

LT: I only remember growing up playing plastic drums and my mother would tell me one day I would become a musician.

DM: How is life as a music producer in Zimbabwe?

LT: I cannot complain, everything is going well for me.

DM: Which music instruments do you play and who taught you?

LT: I play bass guitar and keyboard. A good friend of mine called Blessing Matsanga taught me how to play these instruments way back.

DM: How many artistes have passed through your stable?

LT: There are a lot to mention, the likes of Alick Macheso, Baba Harare, Tocky Vibes, Soul Jah Love, Roki and Trevor Dongo to mention a few.

I have also worked with Elliot but Russo then took him after realising how good my artiste was.

DM: Name at least five upcoming artistes from your stable with a bright future?

LT: Sharon Makovere, King James, the others you will hear of them soon.

DM: Do you have any popular artistes you can safely brag that you made into household names and who are still loyal to you?

LT: Yes, a lot like Roki, Trevor Dongo and some who still come for recordings.

DM: How have you managed to survive competition from other young fellow producers?

LT: I do not have any bad blood with any producer, I just do my things.

DM: What are your achievements in the music industry?

Lazzie T: I cannot really say much but I am doing corporate production which is quite profitable.

DM: Have you encountered any challenges along the way?

LT: Of course, artistes are thieves. I produce music for many artistes who then go and make money doing shows without my consent.

Artistes should know about intellectual property rights.

I am really pissed off with the way many artistes are not being professional. They don’t want to pay for beats when they go for their shows.

DM: Besides music, what else do you do for a living?

LT: I am a full time musician. Since I was born I have always been an artiste and nothing else.

DM: Why do you ‘diss’ fellow artists on social media?

LT: I always speak my mind and I don’t care.

I do not pick a fight with any artiste intentionally but sometimes I cannot tolerate some artistes who have a habit of trying to get famous doing obscene videos.

You hear someone singing lula lula, what are the kids going to learn. Let’s not forget that we are Zimbabweans, especially Zim dancehall artistes. I cannot be silent about that.

DM: Tell us about your love life?

LT: Hmmm just know I’m married, I’m married now. That’s all!

DM: Which local producer do you give much respect?

Lazzie T: Myself.

DM: Can you share one of your embarrassing moments?

LT: I do not recall any moment I can say I was embarrassed so I cannot mention any.

DM: What piece of advice can you give to would-be musicians and producers?

LT: They have to be humble, take time to learn from the elders and be professional.

DM: Thanks for your time.

LT: You are welcome boss!



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