Eltina Chagonda

JAM Afro promoter, Boniface “Negombwe” Jani, is being accused of allegedly duping one of his clients, Regina Nyatsanga, a sum of US$1 500.

Nyatsanga told H-Metro she met Alice Garisa, Jani’s partner, in Pretoria, at a party where they had a conversation about going to UK.

“I met Alice at a party and she said they were going to the UK for their Jam Afro Festival in April with Jani,” said Alice.

“They charged me US$2 500 and told me that they would get me a certificate of sponsorship upon arrival.

“Jani said whenever they host a Jam Afro Festival in UK, they take a few people with them for a certain fee.

“We were supposed to leave on the 18th of April, but dates were changed to May with the excuse that visas were denied.” 

Nyatsanga suspected that she was being duped and demanded a refund.

“I asked Jani and Alice to give me back my money but they started telling me stories.

“Jani asked his wife to send me US$1 000 on the 24th of June.

“The remaining balance of US$1 500 has not been paid up to now.

“Both Alice and Jani no longer pick my calls or respond to my messages. I want my money because it’s a lot kwandiri zvangu.

“I am just a care giver who is working mudzimba dzevanhu trying to make ends meet for my family.”

Contacted for comment, Jani confirmed sending US$1 000 to Nyatsanga’s sister.

“I was trying to help her to go to UK, unfortunately, the number of people required was enough.

“I sent her US$1 000 but she lied on Facebook that I scammed her of US$2 500.

“I lost my phone and bank cards, that is why she assumed that I had duped her,” said Jani.

Jani said he might not be available when she calls due to network challenges.

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