Learn from robbers’ deaths

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Learn from robbers’ deaths


ROBBERS are trending in the media of late, and not for the right reasons.
This week two robbers were killed in shootouts with the police and several others were injured because they do not realise that crime does not pay.

Cases of robbery are on the rise but they always end up with the perpetrators behind bars, or dead.

We have evidence that robberies have become popular and people believe they can benefit from them.

However, the opposite is true as more often than not, robbers are nabbed and brought for trial – if they survive the ordeal.

The number of people that are considering armed robbery as a viable means to make ends meet is worrying.

Several cases of plain robbery are sprouting in our otherwise peaceful society and they have to be nipped in the bud.

With everything that has gone on in Zimbabwe regarding the law’s ruthlessness with armed robbers, it is strange people are still choosing that route.

In September 2012, two armed robbers – James Nyashanu and Timothy Kambudzi – were each sentenced to 24 years in jail for robbing people in Harare. Aged 42 and 38 respectively, the sentences may well mean life imprisonment for the duo but no one seems to learn from these mistakes.

This week two robbers died. Next week or next month you will hear of more cases of armed robbery and stiffer sentences imposed on the robbers but new ones will prop up. Robbery is becoming a hobby to some but the consequences should be enough to deter would-be robbers from ever considering robbery or any sort of crime as options.

Police have proved over the last few decades that they are more than capable of nabbing any type of criminals causing terror on the roads or in people’s houses.

With over a hundred armed robberies recorded every year in Harare province alone, police have also been forced to be ruthless when dealing with the issue of robberies and some armed robbers have even lost their lives in the process.

The police rightfully considers robbers armed and dangerous and are ready to use extreme force to defend themselves.

As a result, robbers are often nabbed, hurt or killed in the process.

Perhaps the most famous armed robbers in the country’s history were Stephen Chidhumo and Edmund Masendeke but in the end, both were caught and hanged.

Norman ‘Cold Storage’ Karimanzira is another famous armed robber who achieved “star” status when he stole a truckload of meat from the Cold Storage Company hence the nickname.

But the law caught up with him and, wheelchair bound, he died in prison, at the Chikurubi Maximum Prison hospital.
The list of such cases is long but their conclusion is, almost always, the same.

Please learn from these examples.

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