Maria Chiguvari

LIVING gospel legend, Baba Machanic Manyeruke, has retired from music.

The 81-year-old insists that he will continue to provide a helping hand to the music industry.

The gospel guru said he was paving the way for upcoming artists.

He recently did a song with his son, Guspy Warrior, titled Mutirangarire.

“I needed this retirement to give the upcoming artists a chance in the music industry.

“The biggest thing for me is that the music industry did a great service for me.

“I built a house and my fame and fortune go side by side, I am content with what I have achieved in this industry,” he said.

In a press statement, released at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Baba Manyeruke was hailed for his contribution to gospel music.

“Baba Manyeruke significantly contributed to the development of church/gospel music in Zimbabwe.

“As one of the pioneers of this genre of music, Baba is renowned for uplifting gospel music to the highest level locally and abroad.”

An American journalist, Dr James Ault, produced a documentary about the gospel guru’s life

Dr Ault is a specialist in gospel music for Africa and the Caribbeans.

On Friday, Baba was presented with a lifetime award by Bright City Church of the United Kingdom. The award was handed to him by Pastor Charles Charamba, who drove to Gutu together with Mai Charamba and Amai Manyeruke, where Baba was involved in a gospel crusade.

“One cannot mention gospel music without mentioning his name.

‘Indeed, he is a household name.

“Baba Manyeruke’s personal character and professional career earned him the title Baba, and the Father of Gospel music respectively.”

On November 10, at the Marina Casino Conference Centre at Longcheng Plaza, there shall be a retirement party and biography launch dinner to honour the living legend.

Renowned gospel and secular musicians, arts managers, Government officials, captains of industry, acclaimed church leaders, civic organisations and ambassadors are expected to grace this occasion.

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