Leprosy patient hails Potraz

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Leprosy patient hails Potraz Costar Geza


26 September 2018

Costar Geza

A 45-YEAR-OLD leprosy patient has hailed the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority for helping ease their woes.

Costar Geza, who lost some of his fingers and toes said he has been suffering since 2006.

“I came from Centenary in Mashonaland Central province in 2006 and my problem was identified at Harare Central Hospital under the Tropical Disease Unit (TDU).

Ndakambozvidya moyo asi ndakazogamuchira kuti chirwere chakangofanana nezvimwe zvirwere. Vanhu havaida kundikwazisa kana kugumana neni asi ndakazozvitambira.

“I lost jobs in various places I worked and at one of the companies I worked they still owe me and I felt neglected by workmates and relatives as well.

“At one time, I failed to find someone who could buy bandages since I had wounds that left me without some of my fingers and toes.

“Life becomes a mirror where you can look at yourself and have more questions than answers but after I was accommodated here my life has changed.

“I want to thank Potraz for visiting us, giving us food and having time to rub shoulders with us the whole day.

“To me that’s a great healing to us and among us we have destitutes and this is true love may our good Lord and Saviour meet the desires of their organization.

“I trained in dress making at Harare Central Hospital TDU section and am now able to repair sewing machines and sew various clothes.

Sibo Muteyiwa hands over donation to Father Tigere

“I will be grateful if I can have an over locking machine and an industrial sewing machine to use for a living,” said Geza.

Potraz, through head of marketing and international relations Sibo Muteyiwa, donated goods worth thousands of dollars for the benefit of 37 patients. Among them are four destitutes and 12 mentally challenged patients at Mutemwa Leprosy Centre in Mutoko.

Mutemwa Leprosy Centre administrator, Father Alfred Patience Tigere, narrated how people would leave food at a place away from leprosy patients fearing to meet them.

“Potraz thank you so much with the donation and meeting the people you are giving food,” said Tigere.

“When this centre started many would bring food and leave it at a distance where they would not meet or see leprosy patients, they would ring a bell to signal that they had brought food and just leave.

“Some relatives are now visiting some of the pro-leprosy patients since they were healed and only scars are seen on their body,” he said.

Chief Mutoko (standing) thanks Potraz

In his speech, Chief Mutoko (real name Moses Nyachoto), challenged local stakeholders to plough back to the community that is supporting their companies.

“I want to believe local stakeholders have seen what Potraz has done and I urge them to take a leaf and do the same since local people are making them visible and progressing,” said Chief Mutoko.

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