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Lessons from Senior Lecturer Madzibaba Zakaria


Paidamoyo Bore

SUNGURA veteran, Nicholas “Madzibaba” Zakaria, has urged upcoming artistes to avoid using obscene language in their music.

Speaking to H-Metro, the Senior Lecturer said some of the productions from emerging artists were not suitable to consume, especially in the company of respected guests.

“These young artists should avoid singing explicit lyrics,” said Madzibaba.

“It will affect their brand negatively in many ways.

“They should just focus on singing entertaining music, which can be listened to by anyone, and by doing that their music will last and they will have a rich and big audience, because they will not be limited to just a group of certain listeners.”

Madzibaba, who recently launched his 29th album, said he likes to groom and support emerging artists, which explains why his fans named him the Senior Lecturer.

“There are many musicians who have passed through me,” he said.

“Some of them are now great artists.

“I also work with young artists.

“This is why people decided to give me the nickname Senior Lecturer.

“I have collaborated with upcoming artists and still look forward to doing more collaborations.

“When I do a collaboration with an upcoming artist, in most cases, I would have been impressed by the lyrics.

“I collaborated with Master Zhou, an upcoming artist from Gwanda, because he had strong and good lyrics.”

The Senior Lecturer said artists should refrain from drugs and substances.

“It’s good to take care of yourself because drugs can affect your health and body.

“I want to urge some young artists to be like me.

“Call me dumb but I take care of my health and I don’t take drugs or things that can get me drunk,” said Madzibaba.

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