Lessons resume @ Molife Junior School

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Lessons resume @ Molife Junior School Deputy Head Mrs Mandaza


3 July 2018

THINGS are back to normal at Molife Junior School in Domboshava after a week of disturbances at the learning institution.

Parents and guardians had, for the past week, been demonstrating against the school authorities over alleged satanism.

There were reports of mysterious incidences which were taking place at the school, including mental illness cases and deaths.

Richard Mutenhesanwa, a parent at the school, said they are pleased with the latest developments at the school.

“As parents we are pleased with the outcome of the meeting where our representatives and community leaders met with the school authorities.

“We informed the school authorities of our concerns with regards to how our children were being ill-treated at the school and we are happy that what we raised is now being attended to.

“However, there are things that school authorities don’t have control over such as having the deputy headmistress removed from the school. We are patiently waiting for the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to make its decision,” he said.

Meanwhile, an official at the school who preferred anonymity said the fallout between school authorities and parents was a result of hatred among staff members.

“It is unfortunate that there are individuals who want to incite parents to push their personal agendas.

“Of course there are things that needs to be looked into at the school but the challenges where magnified.

“Some individuals only want to take over certain positions occupied by others that why they are behind all this,” he said.

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