Let rapists rot in jail

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Let rapists rot in jail


Our lead story on Tuesday, of a 51- year-old Banket man who raped a juvenile twice, infecting her with HIV in the process, made really sad reading.

He was found guilty and was  sentenced to 40 years in jail – 20 for each count.

However, what is strange is the fact that this was not the man’s first rape crime. He has a previous conviction for rape for which he served time but it is clear he never leant from the previous jail sentence.

For that reason he had three years formerly suspended for that rape crime brought into effect.

He will serve an effective 43 years in prison.

Such unrepentant criminals must never leave the jail cell. Repeat rapists should get life imprisonment.

However, before such legislation is put in place, these punitive 20-year jail terms per case will do well to discourage would-be offenders.

This case easily reminds one of the Robert Martin Gumbura case just over five years ago.

The man of the cloth was sentenced to 40 years in jail after being convicted on four counts of rape to once again prove how people are using religion to fool, deceive and con those with blind faith.

Because religion is based on some non-tangible thing called faith many have abused that phenomenon and swindled desperate-for-salvation followers.

Whether it is because of their inability to read and study the Bible personally, without concentrating only on the verses that tell them to give to the pastor or prophet or to follow his orders, or the tact of the men at the helm, religion has surely seen more people influenced to “give” even their very souls.

Wealth has also been used to influence victims of rape into forced sexual activity.

Somehow, anyone who is a religious leader or has a lot of money is now a god and the idolatry from their followers has reached unimaginable levels and people can now eat grass, buy water, handkerchiefs, fruits, wrist bands, stickers at very inflated prices or send their own wives for sex sessions with church leaders in the name of religion.

That is just pathetic. Because the bible, that so many claim to follow, has some clear instructions that can be followed and understood by the dumbest of simpletons but people choose to ignore them.

Gumbura may be the one who went to prison but plenty more religious leaders are getting away with far much more. People are being fooled into blindly sacrificing all their wealth for the benefit of the church leaders and they are being promised that wealth back seven fold – if they have faith.

But men like the aforementioned Banket man, who raped an 11-year-old, just deserve to rot in jail.



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