Let the minors grow

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Let the minors grow


Sexual abuse of young people is a great cause for worry.

Reports of such cases are becoming even more common and weird.


Adults are having consensual sex with minors, both boys and girls.


We have even carried a story headlined “Man jailed 20 years for raping daughter” in which a man from Zvimba appeared in court charged with two counts of raping his own daughter before being sentenced to 20 years in jail.


The man raped his seven-year-old daughter, who is doing grade one, after she was left in his custody after her mother died.


This came hot on the heels of a similar case we published headlined, “22 years for raping daughters”, in which a Kenzamba man who raped his two minor daughters was sentenced to 28 years in jail.


Such men do not deserve to be in a society full of women and young girls. Jail is their deserving habitat.


Almost always, men who are found guilty of having sexual intercourse with minors are sentenced to community service or suspended jail sentences and they never get to spend a night in jail; especially when the sex is said to be consensual.


It is a good thing the justice system was not that lenient on the cases in question.


Many sick men have probably seen how lenient the judgments are on statutory rapists that they have gone to abuse young girls ready to perform community service, if caught.


It is high time something is done to put an end to sex with minors and the abuse of young girls in particular. There should be no room to ask questions like whether or not the minor consented or whether they were in love with the perpetrator.


Any adult who has a love relationship with a minor is already committing a crime. And when they go on to have sexual intercourse with that young person then they deserve to be jailed. If that young person is their own daughter or relative they are supposed to be taking care of, then they deserve to rot in jail.


Twenty eight years is nothing for people who are that heartless, that barbaric, that savage on their own blood.


How does someone deflower his own little girl?


How do men who commit similar acts get away with community service?


If stealing electricity cables gets a mandatory 10 years in jail, what about sexually assaulting a little girl?


If being caught in possession of a pangolin attracts a mandatory nine-year jail sentence, what about being guilty of forcing a minor into sex. Breaking their virginity, exposing them to STIs like HIV and sometimes impregnating them?


Should such devils walk?


Do they deserve to wake up and breathe the same air as other normal people? Should they be given any leniency?


When you rape your own daughter, you are beyond redemption.


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