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05 May 2016

THE story in yesterday’s issue, headlined “Lied for love, sex” had some very good comments from the magistrate on the issue of having sex with minors.

The story was about an adult man who had sex with a 15-year-old girl who he alleged, had lied to him that she was 18.

While there was not enough evidence to nail the accused making the magistrate acquit the complainant, it was very good that the magistrate went on to offer the two advice on how they would be breaking the law if they continued having a sexual relationship knowing that one of them is under the legal age of consent.

The magistrate urged them “both to listen very carefully” and it is wise for all Zimbabweans to consider those words carefully as well.

“The complainant has highlighted that she is still in love with you. The accused person is strongly warned that he will be arrested again if he continues with this relationship as he is now aware of the complainant’s age. He will not be able to defend himself when he comes to this court. I am not talking about having sex only with the complainant but hugging, kissing is also considered indecent. The accused person and complainant should know that their relationship is not approved by law. I am sure the complainant is hearing this and she should wait and grow and accused person, let them grow,” said the magistrate.

If any young person under the age of 18 thinks it is love to have sex with someone they are lying to themselves and can easily be victims of unwanted pregnancies, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections or disastrous early marriages.

If any man loves you seriously, he will wait for you to grow up and then marry you and spend the rest of his life having sex with you.

If he cannot do that, chances are he wants to use you, then dump you leaving you feeling useless as he goes on to ruin the next young person’s life. Chances are he will also infect you with the aforementioned diseases and or problems as men rarely use protection when they have young lovers who were not sexually active before.

They consider the young girls “fresh meat” and go all the way to ruin the lives of these innocent girls.

There are a lot of stories published by the media about people who are sexually abusing young girls and sometimes young boys through experiments with sex. There is need to send a message to potential sex criminals about the seriousness of sexual offences and how they can ruin the victims’ lives.

It would be prudent to take the warning from the quoted magistrate seriously.

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