Let’s fight segregation against children living with disabilities

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Let’s fight segregation against children living with disabilities GIFT handing over the food items to Aunty Rachel


Latwell Nyangu
A Stoneridge based foundation owner has called on the fight segregation against children living with disabilities.
The condition has left some parents hiding their children but she insist they need love and care.

However, such circumstances, have inspired Rachel Ziki to form Kudakwashe Children’s Home.

The home accommodates 30 children with different physical challenges.

Speaking during the donation of some of a consignment of groceries by musician cum businessman, Gift Maphuleka,

Aunty Rachel said there is need to love children with such challenges than to curse them.

“In 2013 my husband passed away and by then I had established an ECD class.

“The passion came into me when I started working with all children with disability.

“I would move in the community since the way I grew up, my friends would choose me.

“I was not selective and my second friend was deaf and dumb.

“That inspired me before i started doing some awareness with the children I was staying with, inviting church leaders and other members in the community,” she said.

Aunty Rachel said around 2015 she was affected after noticing how children with disabilities were treated.

“The way I saw how children living with disability were treated affected me.

“It means there are many children who were born with physical challenges, havadi kuti vabude panze.

“Many people think that chikwambo and as you know munhu akavharirwa mumba for years, anochinja.

“People think that zvikwambo and these children need to be rescued. I had loved to have many children but my husband did not want.

“Fortunately God gave me the chance to keep these children. All the rejected children inspired me to start this foundation.
“The children need love because some of their parents are not taking care of them,” she added.

She said if continue to be rejected the children will be traumatised.

“They can live the whole life with trauma due to rejection. So I have ages from 4 to 18 years and I made sure all these children go to school. So all these children are in groups in which are taken for their classes.

“These children are like the same as other children, but among these 30, 10 put on diapers.

“They also need books and I don’t regret any day to have started this initiative.”

However, Gift joined the children in dance as they were celebrating a birthday for one of them.

“I am touched with the segregation these children are facing.

“They need love and that’s why we came here to support them with some food stuffs.

“There is need to give them more love.

“I am celebrating 38 years of living and notice they have one of theirs who was also celebrating a birthday.

“We will continue to support them materially and spiritually,” he said.

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