Let’s learn from others: Baba Harare

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Let’s learn from others: Baba Harare Baba Harare in chopper


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Baba Harare’s handlers reckon local arts regulators chiefs can learn from their South African counterparts and save the creative sector on lockdown.

The 32-year-old who has been enjoying a dream end of year tour across the Limpopo said he will return home more knowledgeable.

Baba Harare and with crew

Speaking through his manager Gift Petro, the City Vibration camp said the tour was an eye-opener.


“We have learnt that the South Africans have accepted to live with this pandemic and it is business as usual here.


“This is the kind of expectations we have back home where we can learn to live with the virus,” he said.


The affable manager said their tour which has seen them performing mainly in Gauteng  has been endorsed by fans.


“Baba Harare has a big fan base here in South Africa.


“We are actually being invited to other towns to go  and hold shows which we hope to plan for next year maybe around September and October.


“This is encouraging considering that Baba Harare is just establishing himself there,” he said.


He however said rains affected one of their shows but they still manage to pull through.


“We were only affected by rains during one of our shows but it was not too much.


“We will organise one more event in Joburg so that we give a chance to everyone to come since it’s a central venue.


“We have also booked a tight security team to deal with robbers and hooligans,” he added.

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