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THE Government has once again urged road users to respect traffic rules over the Heroes and Defence Forces holidays to avoid unnecessary loss of lives.

The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe also launched the Heroes and Defence Forces Holiday Road Safety Campaign, to raise awareness among road users, of the importance of observing traffic rules.

As part of the campaign, 37 mobile teams of traffic safety officers and traffic police officers have been deployed along the country’s major highways.

Transport and Infrastructural Development Deputy Minister Mike Madiro said the move is meant to reduce road carnage after an average of 132 road traffic accidents, 12 fatalities and 17 injuries were recorded in 2021 and 2022.

“What we are basically alluding to is that to achieve sanity on the roads, everyone must learn to share the space by respecting other road users,” he said.

“As the country gears up for the heroes and defence forces holiday it is important to appreciate the significance of road safety as we anticipate increased traffic on our roads.

“I wish to appeal to all road users to respect the rules of the road.”

Trafficking Safety Council if Zimbabwe managing director, Munesu Munodawafa, said the issue of road safety touches everyone.

He said some will be passengers, others will be pedestrians and everyone must know how to use the road

The raffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe also donated bedding material and linen to capacitate Mount Darwin Hospital, which recently assisted scores of people injured in the Dotito bus accident in June this year.

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